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Python Grips

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by JDMAN65, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. JDMAN65

    JDMAN65 Member

    How can I tell if the grips on an unfired k series (1981) 4 inch blued python are the original grips that are supposed to be on there. Here are a few enomolies that was interested in.

    1) Grips on each side seem to be a slightly different color and grain
    2) The top of the grip comes over the ass end on the colt stamped on the frame
    3)on the back at the bottom of the frame there is a gap between the frame and the grips

    what I did do id take the grips off and inspect them, they are wood and the have what appears to be an 11 on the inside of each grip, the right half also has what looks like initials in the same pen the 11 was written in.

    I appreciate any help, if the grips are not original I will get money back from the seller as they are going for over $150 - $200 :eek: on ebay and gunbroker.

    thanks again :banghead:

    GUNKWAZY Well-Known Member

    Pictures would help.
    Anyway, no factory wood Python grips/stocks ever covered the left side Pony that I'm aware of.


    Jeff (GUNKWAZY)
  3. saemetric

    saemetric Well-Known Member

    Jeff- My grips look identical to the pic and have a no. writen on them as well as some scribbled something. I don't understand about them covering the sideplate pony though as you described-the pic does not show that. Mine are original AFAIK. Bruce
  4. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    Be aware that over the years Colt seems to have made no effort to locate the pony logo in the same spot. It appears all over the side of the frame from gun to gun and sometimes it gets covered by the target stocks. Not the fault of the stocks, just means on your gun the logo got stamped a bit low and to the rear.
  5. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel Well-Known Member

    To cover your questions:

    1. Grips halves a different color.
    Factory grips were not made from the same piece of wood. The grain and even the color will not match on the two halves.

    2. Grip partially covers the Colt Pony.
    As above, Colt varied the location of the Pony over the years, and some grips may touch the pony.

    3. Gap between the bottom of the frame and the grip.
    This is completely normal for genuine factory Target grips. As the years went on, the fit of the grips did deteriorate, with gaps appearing here and there, especially on the bottom rear of the frame.

    For a 1981 Colt Python with a 4" or longer barrel, the gun would have left the factory with the Third Type Target grips.
    Note the Gold Colt medallions, the "thumb rest" on BOTH sides, and the checkering ending in a slanted straight line under the medallions:
  6. JDMAN65

    JDMAN65 Member

    Thanks for the info guys, it has put my mind at ease

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