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[q] where to buy 9x25 dillon barrel for 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by worker, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. worker

    worker Well-Known Member

    who makes/sells 9x25 dillon barrels for 1911
    I am looking for 6.5 inch (6 inch frame is the what I plan to host it in), so that it can be fitted and threaded for a compensator

    Also what's the recommended twist range for 90-135g bullets?

    Hoping to find ones below 300 $ range.

    thank you
  2. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Don't you have a 40sw or 10mm slide to use the 10mm/9x25 brass. But anyhow Contact briley and bar-sto so see if they will still make you a barrel. No one offers a stock run 9x25 any more except for glock. Might ask over at 1911 forum to see if anyone still has one to sell.
  3. worker

    worker Well-Known Member


    Yes the slide/extractor would work for 9x25, 10, .40, .357 sig.
    I am planning a new build on 2011 frame -- so no I do not have existing set.

    1:16 twist is what I see being recommended, and a typical barrel would be 6.5 inch (0.5 for threading) for the long slide frame.

    I will send a note to the ones you mentioned.

    Found also this thread (if others are looking for more info)


    on theses super fast calibers -- .40 super is the most impressive.
  4. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    The only thing that allways bothered me about the 9x25 cartidge is the 9mm bullets and there design to work at lower velocitys. If expanded to 357 the bullet choice's used in the 357mag you make for a better cartidge but custom barrel bore and longer bullets may be a stopping point for that. I would not want to hunt with so small a bullet as a 90gr or even a 110gr , even 124gr thats not designed for those velocitys. Bet jackets would not hold up well and even barnes bullets might be on a call list to ask about bullet jacket on there 9mm copper bullets staying on.

    The one round that does interest me is the 400 corbon. Comepare the 165gr 400 corbon to a 170gr 41 mag. So very close in performance AND with enough bullet weight to be more practical for game hunting. Now thats a barrel you can get in 6". See if an extended can be made. I guess the same coudle be said for the 40 super too bad at pressure levels compareable to the dillion. . Barrels from Strom lake.

    I see Clark Customs also has barrels in 400 corbon
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2012
  5. worker

    worker Well-Known Member

    three specific things that are going for 9x25 vs the corbon

    a) much flatter trajectory

    b) speed over 1800+ fps , at those speeds temporary wound cavity becomes possible (this is from my armchair readings)

    c) still 14+ rounds in double stack frame

    so the 1700+ fps speeds and ballistics (or over 2000fps for 90g) are approaching the slow rifle speeds.

    The above stuff is rather unique in semi-auto handgun world (.40 super is another one, of course lighweights .22 TCM and 5.7 are going there too)

    I understand the point of view that a handgun needs to for selfd/or hunting -- and if one cannot have this kind of purpose -- a given setup is a 'nogo'.
    I do not subscribe to this view though...
  6. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    worker again it never caught as a normal cartidge for the mass's on as bullets are driven at velocitys beyound what they are designed for . They don't work as well as.

    You may want to go over to brian Enos forum and post questions there. There are some guys than dabbled with it around there. One of your shooters/gunsmith messed with it 18 more or less years ago.

    Have fun with your toy.
  7. worker

    worker Well-Known Member

    hardluk1, yes I understood the issues. Hopefully though in the last 10-12 years materials and designs have made some of the 9mm bullets more capable at higher speeds


  8. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    I'd like to see some properly calibrated ballistic gelatin shot with that load.

    T'would be pretty interesting.
  9. Zane

    Zane Well-Known Member

    The problem is that you are looking for an odd ball of an odd ball. You almost certainly have to go custom.

    Have you ever fired 9x25 Dillon? I haven't yet threaded my 6" Glock conversion barrel, but I can tell you that the recoil is quite stout. I can get off two aimed .45 for each 9x25. That might improve when I thread my barrel and add the compensator.

    I haven't tried the all copper bullets, but I am using a 115 grain XTP. Using Longshot, I'm getting between 1650 and 1700 fps. I think I can push it up further, but I'm definitely pushing the upper limits of safe.

    While it is flat shooting (for a pistol), I'm not sure how far you really plan to go with it. With irons, you will need adjustable sights as nothing is set quite right for the 9x25.

    I find the 9x25 to be a fun experiment. I still like to shoot it and I want to try to get up to 1750 fps. .45 ACP is still my go to.
  10. worker

    worker Well-Known Member

    Zane, yes - of course custom is the only way now.
    I am looking for a barrel -- just a barrel along will run me minimum 400+ shipping.
    Plus the build itself with 6 inch long slide, 2011 frame.
    I plan to have scope on the gun (fusion hunter setup)

    With that setup, with additional barrels I will be able to do .40, .357sig, 10mm
    (in addition to 9x25 dillon) .

    I have never shot it.
    I plan to order the Underwood ammo

    they have 27 bucks per 50 (1700 fps for 125 g)
    Underwood is working on getting their ammo actually headstammped 9x25 dillon -- although no date is given.

    When that happens, I plan to celebrate the end of the 'wildcat' label :).
    As then there will be two independent makers of this nice mixture 10mm and 9mm

    This is for plinking, and just the 'unique' factor.
    I am also picking up .22 TCM (RIA) -- for that one, I was in line for 7 months.
    Now will be looking for keltec PMR-30 (.22 Mag 30 rounder).

    I do not plan to have the FN 5x7
    Tokarevs are nice (and should be part of anybody's collection) -- although they are not hi-cap.

    So obviously have a fascination with these kinds of things (light, fast, flat shooting, hi-caps semi-autos)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2012

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