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Queen Big Chief Easy Opener

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by jparham, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member



    This is the one. While browsing around, looking for an Eisenhower, I came across it.

    I've been at the beach this week, and have been carrying an SAK. Most of slippies are carbon, and I generally don't take them swimming or fishing.

    This knife caught my eye- it's a good size for me, at 5" closed and with a 4" blade, I'm guessing. Looks good, can be opened one handed.

    It also has a bail. I like big bails- you can run a lanyard through them. You then put the end of the lanyard around your belt loop, and run the end with the knife back through, cinching it. When pulled on, the knife stays tightened.

    It has aluminum handles and stainless blades. Anybody have experience with Queen stainless? Or Queen in General?

    I've heard that Queens come dull out of the box. Anybody back this up/knock it down?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Carl Levitian

    Carl Levitian member

    I had one of those for a while back in the late 80's.

    Not a bad knife, but it was only about 8 dollars something back then. It was a bit rough, with some sand casting pits in the alluminum handles where the easy open notch was. edge holding was fair.

    For the money now, I think I'd pass and get a Douk-douk or a Mercator K55. Similar all metal construction and a better knife.
  3. Eleven Mike

    Eleven Mike Well-Known Member

    He likes big bails, and he cannot lie...
  4. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member

    Eleven Mike...

    Carl, I thought about the Douk-Douk and Mercator when I first saw this, but both those knives are carbon and I do want a stainless knife for fishing and swimming.
  5. sm

    sm member

    Camillius had a variety of knives very similar to that one.
    These were not expensive, and not bad for the money.
    We called them "utility" or "tool box" knives.

    Scraping gaskets, smoothing putty, scoring drywall and the like,

    My suggestion:

    SAK makes a Solo. While I really like the Alox one, which is 3 1/2" closed, it does not have a bail.

    Red Nylon handle one, has a lanyard hole, and is bigger, about like a Barehead Slimline Trapper.

    This is a a proven knife, and I highly recommend it!

    This sucker has a stout back spring, and resists being closed.
    It can be opened one-handed, just by pinching the blade.
    The handle is really grippy, in wet and even slimy settings, like cleaning fish.

    Some folks will tweak the handle, by cutting very slow, gentle curve, to allow one to get the nail nick easier, and pinch blade easier.

    I assure you, this knife will hold up! Everyone should have one.
    This knife is proven in both fresh and saltwater.

    Post pics and review when you get one. *grin*
  6. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    it could be a winner if the price right
  7. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member

    Biker, at $20, I don't really see what I have to lose.
  8. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I believe Queen uses most D2 steel these days. It is good steel for knives. A little difficult to sharpen as compared to high carbon steel, but not bad.

    I read a comment that Queen knives need to have the edge re-profiled after you get time from the factory. I figured... no way.... well, I just looked at one of my Queen's (Mountain Man Trapper) and the edge needs some work.

    Get the Queen. You'll enjoy it.
  9. Eleven Mike

    Eleven Mike Well-Known Member

    You will "lose" twenty dollars, plus shipping. If that means nothing to you, just send it my way. I could really use it. :)
  10. sm

    sm member


    Another idea is the Douk-Douk.

    I know you want something to use in and around water.
    They do make a stainless version of the Douk-Douk, just I cannot find the link I had for those.
    Personally, I would stay with the carbon steel Douk-Douk.

    I really like the small Douk-Douk, and want another.
    I have used the small carbon steel Douk-Douk in saltwater (Florida and Jamaica ) with no problems, just as I have a Case, Barehead Trapper with CV blades.

    Douk-Douk has a bail and one can attach a lanyard and wear around the neck, or attach to cut off jeans.

    Keep in mind, the peoples that have used these in such settings.

    I still recommend the Red Nylon Vic Solo to folks, as they are easier to come by it seems and the Red assists with not losing it.
    Some folks just do not do knife upkeep as others do, and others just have such pH of the skin, stainless works better for them.

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