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Question about Barrett 50

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by lamazza, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. lamazza

    lamazza Well-Known Member

    I was considering buying a used Barrett 82.
    Can anyone familiar with rifle please tell me what I should be looking for or checking out when considering buying this used.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. Broken11b

    Broken11b Well-Known Member

    Skip it and buy somthing with a better MOA. For about the same price, you could buy a hyper accurate cheytac. much more accuracy than the 82
  3. hounddog

    hounddog Well-Known Member

    Very rare to find an over shot 50. Some have, but rare. So far as what to look for? Your wallet, a long distance range, a large supply of ammo, and some friends.
  4. Gungnir

    Gungnir Well-Known Member

    Erm not the M200 Intervention, MSRP $11k, $11.5k on Knesek Guns ~$14K on GunsAmerica and the only one I saw on Gunbroker was $24k (which is totally outrageous I'd get an AI AW50 for that and $10k change, or about 4 McMillan TAC-50's)

    Anyway apples to oranges comparison, The Barrett is a long range primarily anti-materiel weapon with recoil operated semi-automatic fire (which means that it's inherently "inaccurate", as the barrel recoils though bushings), the CheyTac is a long range primarily anti-personnel bolt-action weapon. Media claims of the Barrett being an anti-personnel sniper rifle are greatly exaggerated and it's average accuracy is between 1 and 3 MOA.

    However 50 BMG can be incredibly accurate, Lee Rasmussen shot a 1.955" group at 1000 yards or 0.1868 MOA. The Cheytac that had a 16 5/8" grouping at 2321 yards is by comparison 0.680 MOA

    Anyway back to the question, I've fired a few 50 Cals, but don't own one, I'd recommend that you check out the Barrett Forums at http://www.barrettrifles.com/home/forum/index.php and ask for their opinion.

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