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Question about my Sig P229 Elite .40 Nonstainless

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Seotaji, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Seotaji

    Seotaji Well-Known Member

    This is a great site and have learned many things.

    My question pertains to the slide on my recently purchased P229 Elite (April 07 production date) in comparison to another user who posted a picture of their Stainless model.

    Zen21Tao from thread http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=259761&highlight=229+elite
    Mine without the stainless markings.

    I'm guessing that the non stainless nitron finished slides look much different than their stainless nitron coated counterparts?

    Did I make a mistake in purchasing a non-Stainless P229? I am curious as to why the slide font of the stainless model would look so different?

    Is there a price difference between the reg and the stainless models? What about weight?

    I guess my slide is just made using machined steel?

    As I wasn't aware of these things earlier, the curiosity is getting to me.

    Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2008
  2. slabuda

    slabuda Well-Known Member

    got a link to the previous thread?
  3. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    FWIW, my friend bought a 229 9mm stainless last year. The sucker is really top heavy but absorbs recoil like jello. I've never fired a softer 9mm before. I suspect your non-stainless will be lighter.


    The slide on your gun is stainless, it has just been coated. I think the price difference is about $40-50 retail. Sig will strip and beadblast the slide for about $60.
  5. speedydave

    speedydave Active Member


    1BLINDREF Well-Known Member

    All of the solid milled Sig slides are stainless.
    All of the standard "P" series Sigs have Nitron (black) finished slides except the two tone and some of the specialty models.

    The two pictures in your post are very interesting. I'll assume that the top picture is the picture from someone elses post, and the bottom picture is of your Sig.

    Was your Sig new or used?
    If it was new, was it a CPO (certified pre-owned)?
    What color box did it come with?

    If it was a CPO, it looks like that it might have been refinished by Sig and that the "P229" and the "Sigarms - Exeter NH" was milled off before it was refinished. I've seen a lot of CPOs that have had different markings milled off for one reason or another.
    Either way, the slide of the Sig in the bottom picture is an Elite slide (front serations) and it is the same weight and made out of stainless steel just like all of the other milled slide Sigs.
    If it is a CPO that has been refinished by Sig, keep an eye on the finish. I've seen a lot of pictures and one in person of poor quality refinishing by Sig.
    The black finish will actually start to peel :eek:
    Hope this helps!
  7. Seotaji

    Seotaji Well-Known Member


    link to previous thread.

    I guess so. Stainless means that the slide and frame are steel, right? And not alloy, like mine?

    That's my question, how would I know it's stainless? I thought sig would have stated that somewhere?

    Mine is the second picture without the stainless marking on it. The side of the slide just has P229 Elite in large font.

    Ah, so mine is stainless, even if there is no marking? Is the stainless designation for the models with both frame and slide?

    That is correct.

    New and in a blue case.

    It does, believe me. Thanks!

    I do have another question though. Are the sights adjusted properly from the factory or is that something I do myself? I've noticed that my front sight is not centered on the slide. Is that something I should have noticed when I purchased it? Also, if my rear tritium sight is chipped out of the box, that should be covered under warranty?

    Has anyone had a problem with the slide not locking closed with a bullet loaded? If there is a round in the barrel and I release the slide lock to close, it is fine. It slams shut. If I pull the slide back manually, drop in a round and try to close it, it won't close all the way.

    I guess that is something that will wear after I run a couple hundred more rounds through it?

    Should I even bother sig about these issues?
  8. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    Don't hand-load an individual round in the chamber! It will outright damage some types of pistols' extractors, and is harder than necessary on all extractors! And, yes, of course, it often keeps the slide from closing. Slides are designed to be released from the full rearward position, strip a cartridge from the mag, and feed the cartridge as the nose feeds into the chamber and the rim slides up the breechface and under the extractor. The slide is closed by the recoil spring, which is set to a certain weight/force, to ensure reliable cycling. Forcing an extractor to snap over the rim is abusive at worst, and abrasive at best.
  9. Seotaji

    Seotaji Well-Known Member

    Thanks for informing me of my error, I won't be doing that again.

    For the record, when the slide did not close, I didn't go any further and try to force. I was just curious as to why it wouldn't close.
  10. speedydave

    speedydave Active Member

    I was thinking about it......

    Get your serial number handy and call Sig USA. They are very friendly. Just tell them the serial number and they can tell you when and where your pistol was made, and if there is anything special or remarkable about it. Maybe mention to the customer service rep the details your slide is missing, and they can fill you in on the details.

    Phone: (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service)

    1BLINDREF Well-Known Member

    +1 Rexster - GREAT advice!
    +1 speedydave - Sig will be glad to help you out.
    I also think that you should mention the problem with the sights. How does it shoot? Are you hitting your point of aim? Your front sight should be in the middle - or very close to the middle of the slide. Can you move it by hand? if so, there is a problem.

    Your slide is Stainless even though it isn't marked Stainless.
    I think you might be getting the ST models confused with the regular Sigs.
    Sig made a P229ST, P226ST, and a P220ST. They are no longer in production. The STs have steel frames instead of alloy frames like the regular ones. The STs will acually have the model stamped on them with ST behind it.
  12. Mav

    Mav New Member

    Issues on P229 Elite

    Hi Folks-I have a question regarding my P229 Elite. I just purchased my P229 Elite form a local dealer here in AZ. I took it out on the range today and it shot exceptionaly well. But, I had issues with the slide locking back when I spent all the cartriges(both magazines). Now, when I slap an empty mag in and rack the slide back MANUALLY it locks back with no problem. Any suggestions from Sig users would be helpful thanks.:banghead:
    I know i posted this on a reply but, I didn't know how to get a NEW thread going...I apologize!
  13. gregj

    gregj Well-Known Member

    Mav, your thumb is probably resting on the slide release, not letting it engage the slide when the mag is empty. It seems to be a common occurance for new Sig owners, me included.
  14. Lobotomy Boy

    Lobotomy Boy Well-Known Member

    My wife has a lot of trouble with Sig controls, but I like them. I much prefer the Sig controls to the controls on my CZ75B. I like having a decocker, and I find the slide release much more intuitive to use.

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