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Question about old winchester 94

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by ammodave, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. ammodave

    ammodave Member

    I recently acquired an old '94 that had been stored poorly in a garage. It's 32-40 cal, with a 20" octagon barrel sn 45XXX. It has a flip up "ladder" style rear sight and a crescent shaped butt. Mechanically, everything seems to work fine but I would call the condition NRA poor-fair and the forend is missing. My question: do I have anything special or should I consider it a restoration project?
  2. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    The 20" barrel carbines usually came with a shotgun type buttplate and round barrels. An octagon barrel and rifle buttplate would indicate the gun was a rifle, and a 20" barrel would have been a special order unless the barrel has been cut down.

    That serial number dates the gun to 1896, so the gun has quite a bit of age and is also legally an antique.

    Problem is that few collectors would be interested due to the poor condition of the gun, so I think you have a shooter if you can find ammo.

    I don't want to try to put a value on the gun without seeing the gun or a decent picture, but I would think it would not be high in spite of the age and octagon barrel.

  3. ammodave

    ammodave Member

    Thanks for the info. I didn't really think it had any value but I needed some reassurance before I embarked on a home restoration project. I think it will make an interesting plinker.
  4. gamachinist

    gamachinist Well-Known Member

    I hate to disagree with a senior member,but a true carbine butt plate from that era was a cresent shape.It wasn't as pointed nor did it wrap around the butt like a rifle butt.
    It could be a cut down rifle or a special order Short Rifle as Jim pointed out.

    Is the magazine tube full length?If it is,does it have a band going around both the barrel and tube?
    The rear sight is correct for a carbine.If the gun isn't too pitted,it might be a good candidate for a reblue and restocking.
    If you can post a picture of it,perhaps Jim or I could give you a more definite ID.
    I'd be happy to discuss this here or through IM or email if you'd like.I might even be interested in buying it if you are inclined that way.
    Good luck,Robert.
  5. ammodave

    ammodave Member

    Sorry, didn't mean to ignore your questions but my son-in-law made off with the rifle. The buttstock was found with the rifle but wasn't actually attached. I installed it and it seemed to fit perfectly but it may not have been the original stock. Thanks for your interest but I think it's staying in the family.
  6. gamachinist

    gamachinist Well-Known Member

    LOL about the son in law.I don't blame you for keeping it.
    Good luck with it,Robert.

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