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Question about openly transporting rifles

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Funderb, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Funderb

    Funderb New Member

    I had this idea the other day.
    Where I go to school, we have the option of locking rifles an ammunition at the local police station. (A lot of hunters go to school here, and can't just hop back home to go out for a hunt)
    There is also a FWC rifle range not too far away, about six to eight miles, actually. Unfortunately I don't have a car. I do, however, have a bicycle.
    [Eight to ten miles is not a bad ride for me]
    I figured it wouldn't be too bad if I just grabbed a backpack with 100 rounds or so, and threw that on my back along side the rifle and rode down to the range.
    So I was wondering if it is at all legal to carry a rifle openly on the way to and from a range. Or maybe put it in a sock with sling holes, or would that be concealed?
    Help me out here, guys.

    In case it matters: The rifle will probably be a M/N m91/30 or an M44

  2. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear New Member

    Specific transport laws vary from state to state.

    Also, "brandishing" laws vary by locality. Some places, openly carrying a rifle is no big deal. In others, you can at least be hassled enough to make it a PITA.

    You might want to talk with the local police. They are not necessarily correct when they tell you the laws, but that's a start.

    Christmas list item: Marlin Papoose :)


    Or the Marlin 39A lever gun is a takedown also. A really nice rifle.
  3. JHansenAK47

    JHansenAK47 New Member

    Like ArmedBear said check with the cops. I would recommend some kind of case to cover your rifle because some retard might call the cops. My friend got in trouble when he was carrying his pelletgun down the street. Some lady called the cops and said he pointed it at her but the cops showed up and interviewed them both. She admitted he was just walking down the street and never pointed anything at her. Her explanation was she wanted the cops to come immediately. If she had lied my friend would've been screwed. If you were a cop and were listening a grown women and a 10 yr old you know whose side they are going to take. So I do recommend a case for it because if two people say you pointed it at them you would be screwed.
  4. Travis Lee

    Travis Lee New Member

    Should always have a case, but what is to prevent someone from still saying you took it out and pointed it at them?

    How does the case really help?

  5. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    Because if you use a nondescript case the sheeple will never think there is a gun in there.

    Trombone cases work well.....I used to carry my Mini14 in one on the back of my motorcycle (OK I am lying it was a moped but who wants to admit that.......) when I was in high school.

    351 WINCHESTER New Member

    Get it in writing too.
  7. Funderb

    Funderb New Member

    Is there some type of case with a shoulder sling type setup?
    I would be hard pressed if I tried to mount it on my bike,
    moving parts are too common, and too widely dispersed.
  8. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear New Member

    Yeah. Around here, Wal-Mart has at least a couple different kinds with slings.

    $20-30, and the $30 ones are really nice rigid soft cases.
  9. PRazz

    PRazz New Member

    Guitar case. Out of sight, out of mind. Noone's going to call the cops on a kid with a guitar case.

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    Last edited: Nov 2, 2007
  10. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd New Member

    More importantly, they are the ones who are going to enforce the laws so whether they're correct or not they're worth listening to. Maybe the law says you can do it and maybe it doesn't, but from a practical standpoint what really counts is what the cops and the public there think you can do. If the cop says it's illegal and it's really not, you're still going to get a free trip to the police station and have your rifle confiscated and if it is illegal but the cops tell you it's not you're probably going to be ok.
  11. jpwilly

    jpwilly New Member

    Riding on a bike with a rifle is going to raise some eyebrows if your in city limits and probably get some un desired attention. You should find out what the local laws are 100%. Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse if you break the law and get caught.
  12. jr_roosa

    jr_roosa New Member

    Be careful with guitar cases and trombone cases. One of the cities near here has a law that says the gun needs to be in a case that a reasonable person would think is a gun case if you're carrying it cased. I can't find the statute now...but I remember reading it and thinking it was a bit odd. I guess it's written for Snidely Whiplash or some other cartoon villain and his "violin."

    Also, there's legal and there's smart. There are perfectly legal things that you can do that aren't very smart. Think though what might happen. A cop having a bad day sees you riding out of the rifle range toward campus with a trombone case on your back. He knows you weren't practicing your trombone there, and he starts wondering why you would have a gun in a trombone case near a college campus. He thinks that's the sort of thing somebody getting ready to shoot some people might do. Now you've got a problem. You probably won't be charged with anything in the end, but you're going to have a bad day anyway. Accidentally leave a round in the magazine that day, and you're all done.

    If you're trying to avoid trouble, professional-appearing beats sneaky-looking every time. I'd pick up a rifle case with backpack straps (like the ones swat teams carry, but maybe less badass...I googled "tactical rifle soft case" and got a bunch of stuff) and use that. Anybody who doesn't shoot will probably think it's a guitar, and anybody who does will think, "that's a nice rifle case, he must know what he's doing." It will work better, and nobody can say your were trying to be sneaky. It will also protect the rifle better in whatever back room storage closet they toss it into while they watch it for you.

    Another thought is that never hurts if there's a club at the range you can join or a weekend fun competition you can shoot in, then you even have a "reason" for practicing. In my experience, police like people who are clearly members of the community involved in organized activities, and they don't like people who seem to be doing odd things for their own reasons.

  13. glimmerman

    glimmerman New Member

    Personally, I would be a little leary about giving the cops any rifle or pistol to "keep locked up for me" at anytime. If at anytime they think that you are not capeable of handleing it or something happens on your campus, they can and will confiscate it!! period!!!!!. The only way you will be able to get it back then is to go to court and HOPE you get a judge that is not a gun grabbing liberal. KEEP YOUR GUNS AT HOME WHERE THEY ARE SAFE!!!!!!
  14. General Geoff

    General Geoff Active Member

    Highly depends on the terrain and urbanization of the route. If it's a back country road there, I don't think it'll matter whether you carry it open or not. If it's a few miles through the city or suburbs, you can bet your arse that you'll get hassled, or at least stopped and questioned.

    I'd get a soft case for it at least, not necessarily because of the potential hassle, but as protection from the elements. What if it starts raining halfway there? Granted it's not too big an issue with a Mosin, but still.

    Also, it's a good excuse to get a good rifle case! :)
  15. dogrunner

    dogrunner New Member

    I really get aggrivated when I see people from out of state posting on Florida Statuatory law. (in this case, Chapter 790)

    First they DON'T have any familiarity with the relevant law, yet they insist on relating a local matter to THEIR State's code. That is absolute garbage and a genuine disservice to the person posing a bonafide question!!!

    What should be stated is that if there's a question relative to such carriage, the individual concerned with it OUGHT to check with the LOCAL PROSECUTORS office......NOT the local police......I know, I was one, and I can assure you all that most officers cannot to the least degree responsibly reply to such a query.

    Whatever the law might be in Texas or Tennesse has NO...ZERO application to the State of Florida. FYI....790 DOES address transporting weaponry to and from such activity. My PERSONAL belief is that such transport as described WOULD fall under the protections afforded by that law...but thats my personal read of the Statute...I can only state that I would NOT conduct an arrest under those circumstances. That law provides for safe conduct going to/coming from a lawful hunting/fishing/camping expedition....(not verbatim....read the statute!).

    Further, the term "brandishing" appears NO place in Florida Statuatory law, to the best of my knowledge....

    I am NOT an attorney, but I have been exposed to this area of law in excess of three decades and I cannot strongly enough return to my original statement of referral to the local prosecutors office (State's Attorney in Florida) for an accurate call on the matter.

    To restate: Texas, and the other forty nine states don't have a solitary thing to do with Florida law any more than Florida law has to do with theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Gator

    Gator New Member

    In many states transporting any firearm without a case is illegal.
  17. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Active Member

    Isn't it sad that we even need this thread.

    There was a time when a free man (or boy) could carry a rifle or shotgun just about anywhere and nobody would raise an eyebrow. I remember a conversation with the assistant principal in the High School parking lot:

    Asst. Principle : Hey 'Sistema', is that a new rifle in your gun rack?

    Me: Yes sir, a Ruger Mini-14 in .223 with a Weaver V9 scope.

    AP: How does it shoot?

    Me: I will find out today. I plan to bust some coyotes after school today so as to earn some money for that first semester at UTEP.

    AP: Let me know how it works, I have been looking for a new carbine.
  18. Gator

    Gator New Member

    Yeah it is sad. When I was in 7th grade a group of us would walk to the local police station after school once a month. The cops would let us shoot up all their leftover practice ammo for that month. Can you imagine that happening today?
  19. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    In my youth here in Alabama there was a gun rack with a gun in it in every other pickup driving around. You do not see any anymore. Theft is one reason.
  20. Sunray

    Sunray Active Member

    'Man with a gun' calls to police are common everywhere. Go buy an inexpensive soft case with a sling. I'd be thinking myself lucky the local cops will babysit your rifle for you without a lot of BS.
    "...people from out of state posting on Florida Statuatory law..." Most laws from all States are readily available on-line. So are State hunting regs. Not everybody thinks to look on-line. Or has the time to wade through the pages. If posting about another jurisdiction's laws helps a guy CYA himself, it's good.

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