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Question on Cold Steel TI Lite

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by jj1962hemi, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. jj1962hemi

    jj1962hemi Well-Known Member

    Hey Gang,

    I just picked up my third Cold Steel product, although it's the 1st folder. I have a Pendleton Lite Hunter and the Finn Bear, both have great blades. The TI Lite is difficult to open. Additionally, if I try to only use my thumb, I end up close to scraping myself on the very base of the razor sharp blade.

    If I loosen the allen screw that the blade pivots on, am I going to break some sort of seal and create issues later? I love the knife, but it takes two tries right now to get it open.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. glistam

    glistam Well-Known Member

    You can but it only has an effect up to a certain point. You can loosen it with a T10 Torx and it will make the blade easier to open if you make it "not tight" but after a point the resistance the detent mechanism (tiny ball-bearing thing that fits into a small hole near the pivot) provides the same level of resistance even if you make it fairly loose. Lubricants like TriFlo and repeated usage also help.
  3. jj1962hemi

    jj1962hemi Well-Known Member

    Thanks Glistam! I may try the lubricant first.
  4. Sharpdogs

    Sharpdogs Well-Known Member

    A lot of the CS folders need a break in period. I just got a new counter point I and it is a little stiff. I had the same issue with my large voyager. It smoothed out after opening and closing a few hundred times. Both knives are built like tanks.
  5. jj1962hemi

    jj1962hemi Well-Known Member

    Tank-like construction is what I was hoping for. Thanks for the encouragement Sharpdogs!
  6. CA Raider

    CA Raider Well-Known Member

    "Both knives are built like tanks. "

    very true of CS products in general.
    also true - that their actions tend to be stiff out of the factory and will loosen up with time.

    CA R

    PLYSWKNVS Member

    Ti Lite

    It's my experience that the Ti Lite should be opened by means of the pocket catch (like an Emerson wave). It (the guard on the bolster) catches on the pocket as you draw it and opens like an auto! Try it.
  8. jj1962hemi

    jj1962hemi Well-Known Member

    The "pocket catch" you describe is really something! One has to practice the proper hold (not a typical one for me), but after that it really opens quickly! Thanks for the great idea!
  9. CA Raider

    CA Raider Well-Known Member

    cold steel blades that be a little stiff in the action when you first get them. usually some lubricant and "working of the blade by opening and closing a lot" fixes the problem.

    good luck,

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