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Question on Ithica pricing

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Lennyjoe, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Found a Featherweight model 37 at a local pawnshop for $175. It's pretty beat up on the outside but the bore looks good. I was thinking of sending it out for a camo duracoating and was wondering if the price was decent for that type of shotgun.

    Also, anyone have a decent duracoat job done on a wood shottie before? If so, where and how it was.

  2. scout26

    scout26 Well-Known Member

    Anywhere but Bearcoat....:evil:
  3. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    Is it a 12 or 20?

    I don't know much about the prices on the 12s, but I shopped for a 20 online for quite a while and the best I could do was around $250. I think th 12s tend to be a little cheaper, but since you aren't paying shipping or transfer fees on that one the price sounds pretty good.
  4. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    It's a 12. Also comes with screw in chokes.
  5. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Lennyjoe, price seems pretty good for an Ithaca.

    As for the Duracoat camo finish, a lot of local hunters have simply applied their own camo finishes to their 870 Expresses (both wood and synthetic furniture). They clean and de-oil the gun thoroughly, mask off anything they don't want painted (e.g. the bolt, trigger group, etc.), and have at it with three or four selected spray cans of matte camo paint. The results are sometimes pretty ghastly, depending on the artistic sense of the painter, but are sometimes surprisingly good. The camo paint seems to "cure" well, and there haven't been any cases of flaking or chipping of which I'm aware. This might save you quite a few bucks, if the gun's an old one and you don't want to spend more on the camo than on the gun.
  6. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    The thought of painting the ole gun myself did come to mind. But, I figured if I send it off for duracoat it might last a bit longer than Krylon.

    Still waiting for words back from this place. I emailed them yesterday and still no response. That might be a bad thing.

  7. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

  8. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Took the plunge and purchased the gun today. Got it for $175 out the door. Now to figure out if I want to do it up myself or send it out.

    It's 2 3/4 and 3" chambered and has a modified screw in choke. Both a plus since it's gonna be primarily a turkey gun (different choke of course).

    Also, it has the waterfowl/pheasant scene etched into the housing. Dunno if painting it will hide the mural.

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  9. arminius

    arminius Member

    looks good to me

    Why refinish it? Is it worse than that picture shows? Doesn't look too bad on the left side.
  10. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Not the original pictures. I copped that one off of gunbroker to give you all an idea on the mural I was talking about.

    It's in decent shape overall bluing wise.
  11. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    If the bluing is ok, I'd not refinish it. Some guns are meant to be duracoated/phosphatized/anodized/parkerized/spraypainted. An Ithaca with decent bluing is not one of them.

    Just my opinion. It's your gun.

  12. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink Well-Known Member

    Mabey try reblueing it if the finish is that bad. I agree with Coronach, a nice classic gun like that with the engraving deserves better than a flat paint or camo finish. That gun used to be the 'Belle of the Ball' and could be again with a little TLC.

    On the other hand it is YOUR gun and a $175 pawn shop special, so if you bought it to be your camo turkey/duck gun to drag though the brush and bang into rocks it is your choice....I'll just be in my room sheding a silent tear.;)
  13. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    The blueing is pretty thrashed. I'll post pictures of it this eve. Wood is in pretty good shape though.

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