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question on marlin tube fed 22 mag

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by javjacob, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. javjacob

    javjacob Well-Known Member

    For pretty much the entire year I have been trying to find a new or mint marlin tube fed, blued steel, bolt action, walnut stock 22 MAG and haven't had any luck. there is the 783, 883, and 983 which are discontinued and the current XT-22MTW which has the new pro fire trigger.

    The story of the entire year so far is marlin isn't producing them right now because they are catching up. my question is when about if ever will they be caught up?
    Does anyone have one of the new XT-22 rifles and how is the XT-22MTW compared to a 983 or 883? It appears to be the same except the new trigger. Just not sure what to think of the new trigger or if its better or cheap junk? I haven't seen one in person yet.

    Im just trying to decide if I should continue to wait to get a new XT-22MTW or go with my second choice which is a henry lever action octagon barrel 22 MAG but I would be kicking myself if I got one then a few months later the marlin or remlin is available. just want to get the best gun
  2. chicharrones

    chicharrones Well-Known Member

    Last year I was looking into some .22 WMR rifles and didn't see anything in person from Marlin that had the tube mag. I see much more detachable box mags from all makers these days.

    I don't have experience with the Marlins you are asking about though, since I went with another brand. I do have some hands on time with the Henry in .22 WMR, though. It is a nice shooter with a decent trigger. Not as good as a bolt gun, but much better than my Marlin 39 trigger.

    If you are paper punching tight groups, I'd wait for the bolt gun. If short range hunting and plinking, the Henry will do great. The Henry I've used will shoot well on paper, but not as well as a nice bolt action .22 WMR. Groups at 50 yards with a scope on the Henry were around 1" and above, while my particular bolt gun will do sub 1" with ease at 50 and even up to 100 yards. With the right ammo in either gun of course.
  3. javjacob

    javjacob Well-Known Member

    I think im going to wait it out for the marlin. Hopefully they will be available within the next few months
  4. Pacsd

    Pacsd Well-Known Member

    I've got a Marlin 783, 22 mag, tube fed walnut stock with the bullseye insert just forward of the rear sling stud. I wouldn't part with it for the world.
  5. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    Have you tried local pawnshops? I got mine from a P/S for $85. They had two and I got the nicest one. I went back next payday to get the other and it was gone. I have a couple of Ruger 77/22 so I have looked for one in a while though. I am tempted to try the new Ruger American Rimfire in .22 Mag. They make a compact model that is calling my name...
  6. javjacob

    javjacob Well-Known Member

    my only concern is with the new XT-22MTW. Im curious if it is just as good or better than the 983 or 883 or if it is worse. the XT has the new pro fire trigger which I have never seen in person. Im always iffy on new stuff until it is somewhat proven. Ive checked pawn shops and there is never anything.
    also for some reason around here used guns seem to go for just as much as new guns so I might as well buy new if the new gun is just as good as the old models.
  7. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I can tell you that the 983 has a pretty strong factory trigger. The new XT was supposed to be an improvement and adjustable. I believe it was in reaction to Savage's Accu trigger that is popular. But I am no expert on such things.

    With Remington owning Marlin now, who knows what the future holds?
  8. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    I just checked out the Marlin XT22MTW and it is pretty nice. I think I would hold out for one. I really like Marlin BA rifles.

    I know it is kind of different than what you are looking at, but my next .22 Mag is going to be a Ruger Rimefire American...
  9. thriller

    thriller Well-Known Member

    I have a marlin 883. Wood stock, blue barrel. Bought it in 1990 at K Mart. I looked at the one in the display case ad said Id take it. That was a lesson to me to inspect the actual gun you were getting. The one they gave me in the box had a horrible trigger, and one of the ugliest stocks Ive had the displeasure of owning. It sat in a cabinet for a lot of years. Recently, I added a rifle basix trigger, and had the stock hydro-dipped. Slapped a cheap cabelas BDC scope on it and I love the thing. Pleasure to shoot. I just saw a nice one, stainless w/ a laminated stock sell on a local facebook gun group for $200.
    So yea, an improved trigger would be a real plus.
  10. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Pawn shops are the way to find them.

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