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Question: Redding Competition Handgun Seating Dies

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Gary H, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Gary H

    Gary H Well-Known Member

    Other posts indicate that this seater die is worth the extra dime. How does this die handle various bullet profiles? For example, does it seat RN, SWC and WC with the same concentricity? Do you need extra plugs for different profiles?
  2. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    For handgun loading I use the Redding Competition Seating Dies in .45 ACP and 9mmx19 on a Dillon 650 press.

    I load FMJRN, FMJFP, SWC and HP bullet designs/shapes in both calibers with the supplied seater plug w/o any problems or issues.
  3. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Well-Known Member

    I had problems with consistent cartridge OAL using the 9mm Redding Comp Seating Die. I load 124gr FMJ-RN and 147gr Golden Saber JHP. I was getting differences of more than 0.010 inches.

    I contacted Redding and they suggested the seater plug contour was "too general-purpose."

    I ended up returning it to Midway USA and replacing it with a standard RCBS seater die. I also ordered custom seater plugs from RCBS. My OALs hardly ever vary by more than 0.001 inches now.

    The reason I tried the Redding die was I thought it'd be convenient to just dial in the bullet seating depth when changing between bullet weights. It just didn't work for me.
  4. Gary H

    Gary H Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to reduce the variability in my loads. I dumped U.C., because it didn't meter well in my progressive press. Now loading Titegroup and have a much more consistent drop. Seating depths still remain rather variable and somewhat bullet shape dependent. For example, when loading .357Mag LRNFP to a COL of 1.570, I found a range of lengths from 1.567 to 1.575. I looked at a new Miwall 38 Special semi-jacketed HP and found COL's from 1.421 to 1.434.. Proload 357Mag 125 gr JHP 1.578-1.586. Federal 38 Special +P 158gr Nyclad SWC-HP 1.443-1.445

    I've been a bit more successful with my .45ACP LRN. I'm about +- /0015.

    So, it seems that some manufacturers pay more attention to controlling their parameters than others. My RN loads were loaded with a RN plug and the RNFP used a SWC plug that allowed the flat portion of the bullet to rest unobstructed on the flat portion of the plug. I don't really care about being able to dial the seating depth in, but rather in provided more concentricity and repeatability. Something that may be lacking. Am I already about as good as I can get, or can a new seater help out? I gather that a custom seater plug is made for the specific bullet used. That might be superior to any generalized die. Certainly seems to have cleaned things up for Shawn.
  5. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Well-Known Member

    The seater plug that comes with the Redding die is the only one available.

    IIRC, the RCBS custom plugs were about $12.00 each. I had to send in five samples of each bullet. The custom plugs were an improvement over the stock RCBS plugs too. Suggest you contact RCBS customer service by telephone for more info. It took about 2 weeks to get my plugs from RCBS.

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