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question??was this a good buy..simmons 44 mag scope

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by turkey45, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. turkey45

    turkey45 Well-Known Member

    ..i just bought a new 3.5x10x44, 44 mag scope by simmons
    new in the box for $70.00 bucks shipped,are they good deer woods scopes???
  2. BlkHawk73

    BlkHawk73 Well-Known Member

    Decent scopes especially for the money. Not sure if I'd call it a woods scope as in most scenarios, that much magnification is a waste and a scope that size is a bit of a waste and/or hinderance. Many would be surprised that in most woods hunting situations anything over 4x is too much since ranges seldom get to the distance where any more magnification is needed.
  3. turkey45

    turkey45 Well-Known Member


    ..BLACKHAWK,,must disagree with the statement two much for the deer woods,
    unless you read wrong it is only 3.5,x10..look i like viewing power if nothing
    else,,i have a redfield 2x7..just was working for me..thanks for you input
  4. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    Sorry Turkey, but I think blackhawk is right anything over 6x for a true woods gun (have you ever tried to follow an animal with a 10x scope through the woods?) Usually you will see nothing but hair at those ranges if you see anything at all. I am talking from 25-75 yards max for clear shots. I had a great scope Simmons Whitetail expedition 1.5-6 on an encore muzzle loader and that was a BRIGHT clear scope, perfect for what I do and the gun it was on. Still, if you keep the magnification down you'll be ready for the close stuff and still have more to go if the open shot in open country presents itself.
  5. turkey45

    turkey45 Well-Known Member


    ....wonder what they were made for??????????????if not the deer woods:neener:
  6. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    Deer woods to most implies close cover shots. This can be used of course but less magnification is more desirable generally...IMHO
  7. hoghunting

    hoghunting Well-Known Member


    The 44 Mag scope is a good scope for its price and there is nothing wrong with the 3.5-10 power, but that is not considered a woods scope. As the others have stated, most woods scopes are low powdered for a greater field of view.

    Why do you ask a question on this forum, then become sarcastic with everyone because we don't agree with you? If you thought this was a good woods scope, then why did you ask?
  8. turkey45

    turkey45 Well-Known Member

    kiss my A**********************

    hoghunting,,go hunt with your two power scope...:evil:
  9. hoghunting

    hoghunting Well-Known Member

    Brilliant response, turkey. You obviously know how to showcase your intelligence and maturity.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2006

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