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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ek44, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. ek44

    ek44 Active Member

    Hello All,
    I want to scope my M1A1 Springer .308 ,but I aint interested in 50xinfinity type shizzie.So what i was thinking was a .308 ACOG w/doctor optic or a Aimpoint,....possiably a EOTech.
    Uses will be :pig,Deer,"Zombie" ..etc.,etc.,
    Any help pro's con's?
  2. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    You can get a 32mm 1.5-5x for about $120
  3. ek44

    ek44 Active Member

    Deer Hunter that what I had in mind but thank you.
    I was thinking something HSLG that was compact and .308 recoil proff out to say 300 yards max. w/1x mag.or 2x @ most. Ya'Heard?:fire::evil:

    Something like those.

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  4. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Well I thought you meant you couldn't find a low magnification scope.
  5. rino451

    rino451 Well-Known Member

    ek44, what rail is that in the first pic, the black m1a? That's a must have fer sure!
  6. trbon8r

    trbon8r Well-Known Member


    The rail is a Knight's Armament RAS rail system. I used to have one. They are ok, but have a few drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback is price. They go for 400 bucks not including the $100 optional clip guide mount that replaces the rear stripper clip guide for mounting of a traditional type scope.
  7. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    Hard to go wrong with an EOTech, and you can mount it further forward without worrying about mounting the optic directly above the receiver. I personally like them more than AimPoints, though those work quite well too. Either one should be fine for shooting out to 300 unless you really need a magnified optic.
  8. rino451

    rino451 Well-Known Member

    Small thread hijack...

    With regard to the Knight's Armament RAS rail system as seen in the first pic...

    1. Does the aimpoint cowitness with the irons?
    2. If one does not want to add a traditional scope, can I assume that srtippers work as normal?
    3. What were the other downsides? Looks like additional weights could be one...

    PS MSRP looks to be 600 smackers nowadays.

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