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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by peck1234, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. peck1234

    peck1234 Well-Known Member

    Ok now from what I under stand, ARs use the gas blow back system to reload for the next shot. It uses some of the power from the bullet, to get to the next shot. Exactly how much fps does it rob from the bullet? For instace lets say my DPMS shoots 3000fps with a 55gr (16inch barrel). How much faster (fps) would a bolt action acheive with the same length barrel?
  2. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    It really isn't that much at all...10fps maybe?? It all depends on many factors and in the end all I have read says its negligible.
  3. peck1234

    peck1234 Well-Known Member

    hmmm I thought is would be somthing small....thanks...........any more feeback is welcome. :)
  4. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    That's actually a good question. I have a Saiga and CZ in x39, wish I had a chrony to compare them.
  5. Swampy

    Swampy Well-Known Member

    It probably would not tell you anything difinitive.

    You will see more variation from other factors than from the gas bleed off of the gas system..... Bore diameter, ammo variation from shot to shot, barrel length, etc......


    Garands forever

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