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questions about cz

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Brutz, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Brutz

    Brutz Well-Known Member

    So I think I have finally narrowed it down between 2 pistols for my new ccw. One is the S&W M&Pc and the other is between models of cz. The M&P I thought was going to be it, but then I grabbed onto a cz75b and absolutely fell in love, after that nothing else felt quite as "right". My problem is that it was a full size model, and won't be able to handle any of the compact ones. So my questions are fairly simple: 1. which would you say is better for a ccw the pcr or the 75b compact. I have some qualms about the pcr because it is an alloy frame with a steel slide, will this increase the wear down? Is there that large of a difference in weight? I like the lowered sights of the pcr do the ones on the 75b compact tend to snag? All in all which do you feel of the two cz's are more carry friendly/better? I also have tried looking into the cz warranty and have noticed that it is not lifetime, which is a feature I really like on the M&P, so if I have a problem down the road after warranty, how is the service? I appreciate any advice on this matter, thanks guys.
  2. CZ57

    CZ57 member

    I prefer the CZ P-01 over the PCR. The frame on the P-01 is forged aluminum and has an accessory rail. Excellent balance, Nato tested and approved with a spec that's very stringent. Very accurate compact pistol.;)
  3. cz75bcrazy

    cz75bcrazy Active Member

    I have no problem CCW the full size cz 75b and I won't give it up for a smaller one
  4. Brutz

    Brutz Well-Known Member

    well thanks for the replies guys. I really appreciate it.:)
  5. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    I'll have a try at this.

    The full size 75 is pretty heavy, being all steel. But it carries well and as you found the ergonomics are beautiful. I've recently taken up using it in IDPA and my scores have really improved.

    The PCR has a cast frame, no rail. The P01 is forged with a rail and went through some serious NATO testing. It however has a slightly shorter grip, and I found my little finger was somewhat cramped.

    The compact IIRC is all steel, has a shorter slide and grip like the PCR.

    I am not familiar with the newer models like the P07 and other polymer offerings. You don't have to worry about wearing one out, they're built really well. The challenge is finding the one for your needs.

    One more thing, if you ever get the itch for a 22 pistol, consider the CZ Kadet slide kit. Excellent.
  6. VinnieRay

    VinnieRay New Member

    since the PCR has no rail you may get a smoother draw
  7. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    My 75B has over 30K rds through it, and recently I had to replace a broken extracter--5 mins. This is a great range/home defense gun that is full sized.

    The PO1 and the Compact are probably better suited for carry--3.8" bbl instead of 4.72" on the B. They still hold 14rds of 9mm and shoot really well at the range.

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