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Questions about recently acquired guns.....

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AZ Heat, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. AZ Heat

    AZ Heat Well-Known Member

    I have some questions about some guns I just inherited from a family member. I have no idea about them and thought I'd ask if anyone here did.
    Winchester Model 94-30 WCF (Is this a 30-30?)
    Wards Western Field .20 Ga Repeater (does anyone know anything about this?)
    .20 Ga Taiyo Juki (Japanese?)
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    Only know 30 wcf = 30-30
  3. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Well-Known Member

    The Winchester 1894 is a fairly old one. How many digits in the serial number? I wouldn't be surprised if there were only five, or even fewer.

    The Wards Western Field was probably made by Winchester.

    The other one? Never heard of it, but Taiyo is Japanese for something...
  4. AZ Heat

    AZ Heat Well-Known Member

    7 digits

    The Winchester has seven digits... starting with 1517xxx. Thanks for your input!
  5. iamkris

    iamkris Well-Known Member

    Winchester web site have a source to date Win94's by S/N?

    The Wards shotgun was probably quite inexpensive to begin with and has little collector value...but likely is a fine shooter.

    Only reference I could find to the Japanese gun is a (unanswered) question from another board

    > i have a 12 ga. full choke-24" chamber single shot break
    > down
    > made in japan by Taiyo Kassnar imports. it has Taiyo Juki on the end of the butt

    and a pawn shop listing

    Taiyo Juki
    Single Shot
    $ 49.50
  6. RustyHammer

    RustyHammer Well-Known Member

  7. AZ Heat

    AZ Heat Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help!

    Thanks for your input. I found a bunch of information thanks to your help and links. Thanks again!

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