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Questions, questions,questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ArnoldSKS, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member

    :confused: AK Dreaming:
    I'm planning on buying a Romanian AK on Friday(Tax return:D) but I am getting some crazy information. The local stores have a very small selection of ak's and a even small selection of manufacturers. The local stores either have Romanian AK's (price around $610-$650) or IO Century AK's ($650-$850).

    1). Which would be the best bang for the buck? I'm just looking for an affordable plinker. Their is a small group in town that calm to have Tactical Sport Shooting Events, but they all have high priced weapons.

    2). What type of Red Dot would be suitable? I have been leaning toward the EOtech 510 or the Bushnell HoloSight standard. This would be mounted on a Scout Scope mount.

    3). Are there any special mods that I should consider doing too the AK? I was just going too add a folding stock and a ERGO hand grip. I had no real drastic changes in mind.
  2. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    If price is no object, an Aimpoint Micro mounted on an Ultimak forward rail is very highly regarded, but expensive. The Eotechs and Holosights are also excellent, but similarly pricey, and add more weight forward.

    Other options are the LaRue IronDot, the smallest and lightest way to put a red dot on an AK:


    The Russian Kobra (which I have), which fits the built-in Warsaw Pact style optics siderail:



    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As far as mods, replacing the slant brake with a YHM Phantom or Smith Vortex flash suppressor, or even a true AK-74 style muzzle brake, will probably improve accuracy somewhat.

    You may want to pick up a couple of 20-round Hungarian tank-crew magazines, which are shorter and lighter than the standard 30-rounders, to give you the option of a shorter, lighter magazine for shooting prone and whatnot; I like them myself (that's a Hungarian 20 on my rifle above).

    Folding stock---just make sure you get one that fits the rifle you buy. Another option is an M4-style stock if you prefer it.

    Here's an AK (belonging to THR's own H2OMAN) set up with an M4 style stock, forward rail setup, Aimpoint Micro, and a Smith Vortex:


    Gives you ideas, anyway...
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2009
  3. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member

    :uhoh:Price, price:

    Price is a concern. I don't want too spend a small fortune on this rifle, but i am welling too spend some coins ($1000 is the Limit). BenEzra, the pictures that you have attached has given me some options. I like the LaRue IronSight, but for some reasons around here I'm hearing very bad reviews. People are calling the IronSight fragile and cheaply made. The Kobra red dot is another great option. As for the stock option, I'm set on the ACE tubular stock with the folding mechanism.

    I think that we are off too a good start.
  4. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member

    Well guys I bought a Romanian AK on Friday. I ordered the KERBS AK REAR SIGHT RECEIVER RAIL SYSTEM and a ERGO Grip. Now a new problem.; how do get the Cosmoline out of the wooden butt stock and hand-guard?
  5. Evenflo76

    Evenflo76 Well-Known Member

  6. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member


    Tanks a million. I well check out the link.
  7. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member

    Well guys

    Here it is:) Tell me what you think about it so far. Picture 001.jpg

    I cleaned the stock with mineral spirits and now what? The stock is sorta dry. What can I do too protect it and keep it from cracking? Most of the people around hear are saying to leave it be.
  8. goldie

    goldie Well-Known Member

    i lightly sanded mine & restained it with a light minwax finish, then used clearcot after. it seals it up nice & brings out the laminated figure....
  9. ArnoldSKS

    ArnoldSKS Well-Known Member

    Thanks Goldie. Where did you get your clear coat from? Was it the Brownells spray on or the bake stuff?
  10. ZombiesAhead

    ZombiesAhead Well-Known Member

    For a good, reasonably priced folding stock, look at the "East German style" wire side folder. I have one on my WASR I purchased for $50. Search my username for pictures.

    The folder folds to the right and thus does not obstruct my left-siderail-mounted PK-AS red-dot sight.

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