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Quite a find

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tjtucker, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. tjtucker

    tjtucker Member

    I thought I would post a little story about my range time today. I was at a local show a month ago and an older fellow was walking around trying to sell a Mitchell Arms stainless steel Luger. I think Mitchell arms made these in the 1980s. I always wanted a Luger but everyone wants huge $$ for them. The old guy tried for about 2 hours to sell it and didn't have any luck. The gun was new and never shot. He wanted 700.00. but I talked him down to 550.00. It was pretty much an impulse buy but i thought what the heck. I took the gun to the range today for the fun of it and figured I would run 50 rounds or so through it. I expected it to jam and shoot like crap. I was shooting Blazer 9mm. I ran the first five rounds through it and really didn't expect to shoot a group of 5 inches at 15 yards with the funny small sights. WOW was I wrong the little gun shot like a rifle, 3 rounds into a single hole the other2 less than an inch away from the 3 shot group. I figured a fulke. I loaded 5 more rounds and 4 more into the 3 hole group and all round with in 2 inch group. In all, I shot about 25 rounds before my first jamb. Not to bad when you figure a new gun with no lube or oil at all. I dropped a few drops of oil and not another problem. I moved to the 7 yard line next to a guy shooting an HK tactcial in 9mm and after the first five round into the same hole about the size quarter he looked over and said what the hell is that? I let he shoot it and he did pretty well shooting about 1.5 inch group of 5. I'm very impressed with this little gun. This gun is scarry accurate. I have a Sig P210, Sig X-5 and David
    Sam custom 92 F match gun and this little gun is very , very close in accuracy to these other 9mms out to 15 yards. I'm sure as you increased the distance it would loose out but it just cool. Any one else have one? How do you like it.

  2. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    I've never seen one, but I know where you can find another one, NIB with holster and extra mag. Only $1400, although the index listing says $1800. :)

  3. tjtucker

    tjtucker Member

    Mitchell arms

    Yep thats it, makes my buy look pretty good. I thought they were around 700.00. I think some one had one listed on THR for about 750.00 or so.

    I wonder how the original luger shoots?.


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