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Racist Gunshops

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Bill Hook, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. Bill Hook

    Bill Hook member

    I was out doing the C&R pawn and gun shop crawl today, when I came across a place that had lotsa C&Rs, albeit way overpriced, and got to talking (mostly his monologue) to one of the guys behind the counter (probably a partner). I asked about a 71/84 mauser they had and the guy starts off into connecting this bit of German history to Hitler (who was really a Jew, BTW) and why killing Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. was really a good idea. The other partner finally shut him up, but I can't help thinking folks like this offer a p-ss - poor image of gun ownership.

    Thoughts or similar experiences?

    Last time I heard something like this, it was a customer who started spouting off vile descriptions of black women, which made the guys behind the counter and me start to look at this person like they were a disgusting fool. They didn't say anything, because I'm sure they wanted the business and they finally managed to excuse themselves to go to the repair shop and help a walk-in.
  2. Chipperman

    Chipperman Active Member

    I've been in shops where the entire staff immediately turns to face any Minority coming in the shop. You can see in the eyes of the poor person that they know they are not welcome or trusted there. Very Sad.
  3. Ed

    Ed New Member

    Now, was the gunshop racist? Or the people there? I hate to see innocent shops get blamed.:D

    I've never been in one, but would leave if i were to find myself in that kind of store.
  4. JimJD

    JimJD New Member

    There is a store not too far from me that sells guns.
    Not a dedicated gun store.
    First time I walk in, the owner is trash talking Mexicans. Rather loudly I might add, relating all this to a customer at the shop.
    Customer is shaking his head in agreement!
    So, needless to say, I walked right out of that place.
    Never going to spend a dime there, never going back.

    Ed said:
    Ummm.... Ed... I know what he means.
    I've seen and encountered that type of behavior countless times. With my friends, and by myself.
    Are they racist ? Maybe. Maybe not.
    But at the very least, there's "something" under the surface there.
  5. Ed

    Ed New Member

    I'll clear this up before it gets taken wrong, the comment was a joke about blaming a building.....I know some people are jerks.:cool:
  6. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    If they don't want business, then let them drive potential customers away. While it's their loss, it certainly makes for a poor image of gundealers or in this case, pawn shops.
  7. rayjay

    rayjay New Member

    There is a gun shop here that opened up about 4 months ago. I figured I'd check it out about a week after it opened. Clean looking building from the outside. I walk in with my wife and 3 yr old son in tow and notice a very nice lay-out with lots of display cases. We browse around and I take some 9mm ammo to the counter to check out. While I'm chatting with the guy who's adding up my purchase another guy walks up to my son and hands him alittle Nazi flag on a stick. My wife taps me on the shoulder and my mouth drops open. I'm in shock! I tell the guy to please take the flag back and proceed to tell him if he trys that again he's gonna need a doctor to have that flag removed. He starts spouting some racial stuff and how he's protected by the 1st Admenment. My wife and I left, quick. Not before telling them that we would not be back ever!
  8. JimJD

    JimJD New Member

    I know what you meant Ed, Sorry if it seemed like I was suggesting otherwise. I did'nt mean anything like that. :)

    This thread is just reminding me of so many things I've seen, been subjected to, etc. Some things that have happened when my friends and I walked into a store were just unbelievable!
    Not to mention, I've worked a lot of retail when I was younger.
    I can't believe some of the stuff people I worked with said and did.
    I'm talking about lawsuit level type stuff!
    Some of those customers ended up filing lawsuits...They won.
  9. Chipperman

    Chipperman Active Member

    :what: Did the guy work there, or was just a customer?

    If that had happened to my family, I never would have seen it. My wife would have shoved it up his nose before I even turned around.
  10. HABU

    HABU New Member

    For the record, if he was shaking his head, he was disagreeing.:neener:
  11. rayjay

    rayjay New Member

    He worked there. The only reason my wife didn't clobber him was she was holding our son. I did take the flag away from my son and throw it on the ground and my wife stepped on it when way left.
  12. JimJD

    JimJD New Member

    *JimJD holds sides of head like Homer Simpson*

    I meant nodding his head in agreement! :D

    Man... I have to stop watching TV and typing at the same time!

  13. HABU

    HABU New Member

    I have the hellivission on too, you may bust me before too long.:evil:
  14. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson New Member

    Never racists fortunately, but I've run into more than a few guys with some bizarre conspiracy theories at gun stores.
  15. JimJD

    JimJD New Member

    Mark Tyson wrote:

    Those guys are really scary!
    I ran into one at a gun show not too long ago.
    later on, I saw and heard him talking to himself.
    Seemed like he was having an arguement with some unseen "Lone Gunman"...
    I'm thinking, "Who let this guy in!?!?"
    All we needed that day was to have Mike Moore stroll in with a camera crew...:uhoh:
  16. larry_minn

    larry_minn New Member

    What is fun is if they are talking against Mexican is walk up and ask. "Buno. Donde Esta La Boom Boom?" (I speak better then I type) :) I have fooled folks in Spanish/German/French/Norwegin/Japanize. I only know a few phrases but folks buy it. :) :)
  17. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member

    Never had anyone overtly racist in either of the gunshops that I worked at.

    I did, over the years, kick a couple of "customers" out...

    One guy, a big, fat, greasy slob with a ponytail halfway down his back, dressed all in black with those big, thick, black-rimmed glasses that are all the rage with some of the people who favor all black had a T-shirt on it with the inscription "Feeling suicidal?" next to a picture of a noose. Under that was "Take someone with you!" and a picture of a gun.

    The other guy walked in and I had my back to the floor when I hear one of the other customers say something to the effect of "Oh man, knock it off..."

    When I turned back, this guy had dropped his trousers and underwear and was just standing there.

    I yelled at him to get his pants back up and get out before I rammed his "ahem" into his ear...

    He finally tucked back in when I picked up the phone to call the police. They found him staggering up the street. Turns out he was a local drunk who had a history of exposing himself.
  18. Beetle Bailey

    Beetle Bailey New Member

    I guess it's a little unfair because I haven't actually been in there, but two of my buddies have had bad experiences with racists at a local gunshop so I just don't bother going in. I mean, I want to support the local gunshops and not just buy everything online, but if they are racists, no way. Lucky for me, there are three local ones I like and that's plenty more than I need or could ever presume to support.
  19. USGuns

    USGuns New Member

    race baiting

    One ignorant idiot does not a racist gunshop make...
    ... that word (racism) is WAY overused and abused.
  20. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Yup, there was a gunshop near a school where I had a long term substitute teaching assignment. I walk in, a ton of really bad looks and they seem quite busy with other stuff and have little time to help me. I figure it to something other than my kippah (yarmulka) and give them another chance a few days later. I come back again to look (they do have some really nice stuff). I again get looks, no one wants to help me. They help customers who come in after me. Finally someone "helps" me. He is very inpatient. Practically throws the rifle at me. Grabs it back rudely when I decide not to buy it right away. Abruptly asks if I want anything else. Is very upset to hear me want to look at a pistol. Puts it away. Walks away without letting me check anything else out. I stick around a few minutes, long enough to see the same guy help another customer with the nicest, most polite, demeanor I've ever seen in a gunshop. While all this is happening I notice customers and employees looking at me and talking in undertones. This is in a part of town that is known to be fairly racist and where the Klan has some support (I had several antisemitic incidents with some of my students while at this school).
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