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Raging Bull Question...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Glockdaddy, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Glockdaddy

    Glockdaddy New Member

    I have a chance to pick up a new Raging Bull blued with 6" barrel at a special sale my local dealer is having. This revolver has always been a temptation for me and with the price that is available I am thinking now is the time. But, even though I have had multiple SW revos in .38 special, .357 and .45acp, (snubbies, 3" barrels, 4" barrels, 625s, 686, 66, 28, 36 even a custom 686 7" and a 19 ppc revolver) I have never had a Taurus nor a .44 mag.

    My interest is simply range fun, blasting plates at 50-100 yds. Will I find the Raging Bull easy to handle? I hear it really tames recoil. I am a mid size guy, 5' 9" 178#.....but the revolver balances very well in my hands and I have no problem with the sights, even with my tired eyes.

    Oh, I also have been through all the threads that question Taurus quality, etc....and I know the risk....but the RB is supposed to be their flagship revolver.

    And I should mention that ammo cost is not going to kill me....I have a local reloader who can keep me in fresh 200gr TCJ .44 mag for the price of .17 HMR:p

    Sorry about the long "Question" but I got this Raging Bull itch and it may be time to scratch it!;)
  2. mbartel500

    mbartel500 New Member

    So.....what is your question?
  3. Glockdaddy

    Glockdaddy New Member

    The question is....

    Will the Raging Bull be easy to handle as a range gun?

    Sorry for taking the long way to ask.
  4. Pyro

    Pyro New Member

    Go for it.
    Most of the time whenever we shoot "wrist-breakers" the amount of recoil depends on how well you can control it.
    Sure it'll throw your arms behind your head (sarcasm) but if you can do that without it biting you it won't hurt one bit...although you might be sore afterward :p
    The gun doesn't tame the recoil the shooter does.
  5. JMusic

    JMusic member

    I can't talk about the 44 mag in the raging bull but I have shot the smith and the red hawk with no pain whatsoever. I was going to purchase a raging pull in 454 and 3 shots is all I can take. Now I have a Ruger Vaquero in 45 that I shoot 21 grains of h110 out of it with not a trouble. The muzzle brake on the bull sends all recoil straight back into your hand. I would shoot it first.

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