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Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by culpepper, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. culpepper

    culpepper Member

    Hello everyone, I always take the High road, Great Name....Well I have a model A232, looks like the last of 5 ever made, outstanding piece, am looking for mags, only have original, colt does not work, would appreciate any help....thanks
  2. doncameron

    doncameron Well-Known Member


    The Model A212 was introduced on February 1, 1984. Like its .45ACP counterparts, it also went through a name change in 1984, becoming another in the "Raider" family. Primarily, the biggest difference between the A212 and the A211 (.45 ACP) was the caliber. However, the A212 also was made in two different barrel widths -- the latter are rarer being the Fat Barrel guns. In all, there were only 76 of the A212 pistols manufactured, or which a mere 25 had fat barrels. The serial number range was RF02359C through RF03815C. The last A212 was manufactured on December 13, 1984.

    Randall Model A232 came on-line on October 11, 1984, and differed from the A212 in that it had a flat top slide with the Millett Model 100 adjustable rear sight. In all, only five Model A232 pistols were ever produced, and it is believed that they all were exported to Europe since none have surfaced since in the United States. The serial number range was from RF02473C through RF03777C. The last of this model was made on November 12, 1984.

    This completes all of the right-handed Service Model-C and Raider pistols produced by Randall, accounting for 16½% of total pistol production during the life of the company.

  3. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Interesting. How about some pics?
  4. culpepper

    culpepper Member

    One of 5 of a kind

    Well I could take a picture, but if you research randall you will see this Sweet Thing.....Flat top slide, adj. rear sight, 10 groove, all aircraft stainless, and as I said before it the last of 5 that was ever made(serial no.)....She is stamped Randall Raider...keep in touch....Rich...SCV/MOSB...Heritage with Honor

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