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Range pics from UT Rifle and Pistol Club (university club in Austin)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MatthewVanitas, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    At the end of last semester, a group of 16 undergrads dropped by our range as an impromptu outing for the residents of their dorm. One of the girls snapped some pics of the proceedings, so I thought to post one here (with her permission) as an example of what a campus gun-club looks like in Austin:

    Enjoy, -MV

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  2. dracphelan

    dracphelan Well-Known Member

    That brings back memories. My freshman year at UT Arlington, I joined the pistol team. I was doing real well, until the EPA shut down our indoor range for to much lead in the air. :mad:

    GRIFFIN1 Active Member

    Is the guy in the middle wearing a kilt? :uhoh:
  4. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington Well-Known Member

  5. dracphelan

    dracphelan Well-Known Member

    Yes he is, it appears to be a Utilikilt Twill Mocker. I love my original Utilikilt. And, yes, it is good for CHL. But, the ockets in mine can hold a 6 pack of longnecks.
  6. DeftwillP

    DeftwillP Well-Known Member

    Is that under the ROTC building?

    ps hook'em horns
    bs 04
  7. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    i see a kilt or two on my campus in NYC as well. unfortunately the rifle club at our school was disbanded before i was born
  8. MacPelto

    MacPelto Well-Known Member

    It's kind of behind them, next to the Gregory pools.

  9. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    unfortunately the rifle club at our school was disbanded before i was born

    reband it
  10. dev_null

    dev_null Well-Known Member

    It's easy enough to CCW with a Utilikilt if you get it big enough. Only thing is that the holster can feel kinda sweaty if you go "regimental."

    I wonder if I can petition to have the shooting club fulfill the "substantial reading" req? :evil:
  11. Mr Kablammo

    Mr Kablammo Well-Known Member

    Very interesting. I had the impression that the Austin Campus Security was pretty strict about firearms on campus. For instance, not even liking for APD officers to be on campus with a firearm nor CHL holders except with written permission.

    Do you invite non-students to shoot? What if one is taking the evening courses at UT for adult education?

    Also, if you have the time come out and shoot with us at the Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol: http://www.alsppc.org

    Oh yeah, after the Rose Bowl victory I was shooting at Stan's range in Manor, TX and two UT players from the defensive squad were there, numbers 'cough' and 'cough'. I was going to suggest to them to do breath-and-movement meditation exercises but decided against it.

    Anyways, do come out for a 'Steel Challenge' or IPSC match.
  12. RocketMan

    RocketMan Well-Known Member

    It gladdens the heart to see so many of the younger set being introduced to the shooting sports in a safe manner. Good job, MatthewVanitas!
  13. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    @ MrK: Thanks for the info on ALSPCC! I've been to IDPA @ Iron Mike's a few times, which is great, and more options are always good.

    Austin Campus Security is indeed pretty particular, but the range has very specific legal exemptions. Our range supervisors have had to do a few paperwork-dances, but things going smoothly overall.

    IRT non-students: non-students do come in to shoot for USA-Shooting sanctioned matches, but MacPelto has more info on that than I. Other than that, not currently allowed for liability reasons.

    IRT evening/adult students: if someone has any form of Student/Staff/Faculty I.D., then they're eligible.

    I hope that Mac and I can get a lot more info and pics up as we head into the new semester. I'm imagining a pretty intensive campus recruiting campaign to get all those little freshpersons in.

  14. TamThompson

    TamThompson Well-Known Member

    MrK and Matthew,
    I shoot at Texas Tactical from time to time, and have been meaning to get to the IPSC steel match that is now held there.

    If either of you are there and see a blonde-haired, short, muscular woman shooting, that's me--please come by and say "hi!" My pistols I shoot in IDPA are a Glock 30 and occasionally an STI Trojan. Carbine is a Bushy AR-15, possibly sometimes a WASR-10.
  15. Mr Kablammo

    Mr Kablammo Well-Known Member

    Tam and Matt,
    please come out and shoot. After the match there is usually a group that stops for lunch on the way back to Austin. Roscoe's and Riley's BBQ have been favorites. The ALSPPC has a good variety of shooters, sometimes some APD and the 'Texas Witch'. The Witch puts on a Steel Challenge in Bulverde on the 2nd Sat of the month at the Cedar Ridge Range on 1863. Her match fee is $15. Its humbling to get whooped by a 74 yr old Italian countess! You'll want to get on the Cent Tex IPSC mailing list.

    Tam is probably familiar with the Blanco Bowling Club Cafe. No pin shooting, but a nine pin league in the evenings. I don't believe there is any off league bowling. Too bad it is so far from Austin. Tam, I will definitely say 'hello'. Is your STI in '9'?

    Matt, why don't you invite some 'city people' out so they can see how the folks out in the hills bowl. If you bring the co-eds, I'll bring guns :)
  16. Tsonda

    Tsonda Well-Known Member

    Hey Tam

    I think we were in the same squad last carbine match. Do you drive an SUV of some type with an infowars sticker?

    It is great to see an active gun club on the UT campus. You guys are certainly doing alot of work to promote shooting.

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