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Range Rage

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by loose noose, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Field Tester, I sure would wish that the hooligans that you refer to would stick to their video games and stay the he!! out of the shooting range. How do I know it's the kids, simply because that is where they have their beer parties. About a year and a half ago a young man was killed driving erratically from the range, rolled his vehicle and broke his neck. Not a pretty sight. I've been out at the range early in the morning and saw a bunch of beer bottles, Liquor bottles as well, strung about a makeshift campfire. Guess where they get the fire wood. from the barriers that were set up.

    A number years ago I was getting ready to set up a tactical shoot for some security officers I was training, so I set up a wooden barrier, as well as two 55 gallon drums (Plastic), the day before. Needless to say the next day, early in the morning, when I arrived the wooden barrier was burned up and the plastic drums were also melted.

    Now I know for a fact that the young punks aren't the only ones guilty of the abuse, as TV's, Computers, old couches and beds as well as other garbage are distributed out there, by people who don't have the common sense God gave a goose. Note: I mentioned earlier in my rant where the dump is only about 2 miles north of the range. All you have to do is have Republic Services Trash service to get into the dump and drop your garbage off without charge. Oh so you live in an Apartment Complex, well it costs you all of $10.00 to dump there, beats the heck out of a $500.00 fine.
  2. JudgeHolden10

    JudgeHolden10 Well-Known Member

    I see your two "kids" and raise you a pair of adults who did the exact same thing at my buddy's private range.

    Let's not bother ourselves with silly concerns like assuming too much; it's so much easier and neater to overgeneralize, especially when our own confirmation biases are being, well, confirmed. :rolleyes:

    People don't have to be a certain age to be disrespectful.
  3. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    It is sad just how little a lot of folks care about stuff that isnt solely theirs. Its no wonder most farmers and other land owners hesitate to allow anyone but close friends and family to hunt and use their land. I've been pretty fortunate at my local, private range, but I guess the locked gate and annual fee (even though at $75 its pretty nominal) help to keep some of the worst offenders out. Still see occasional damage that is unacceptable, whether it was actually negligent or intentional, is irrelevant to me.

    Im sure that a lot of the abuse is by some younger, careless members (hey even I wasnt perfect as a teen, though I can definitely say I never did anything to defile a gun range), but I've seen some older members do things equally as careless.
  4. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I know your pain and disappointment. we've had a pretty decent shooting spot here for many years, and it's just a few minutes from my home. But over the last several years morons have been shooting TV's, refrigerators, trash, and other junk, and then they just leave it out there. Now the area has been closed to all target shooting.

    We had other shooting spots as well that have been closed, all thanks to the morons who have absolutely no respect for our sport and environment.

  5. Field Tester

    Field Tester Well-Known Member

    So two delinquents in this instance equates to every issue at your range? Also stop putting words in my mouth, I never said that anyone destroying property shouldn't be held accountable. But the lack of respect for a public area is a learned characteristic. This means that adults and those over 25 are doing the same, and are passing along the same morals to their children.

    If anything I see more respect for the land and our firearm rights coming from younger shooters. I base this off of the extensive time I spend volunteering at my range for the Boy Scouts, Women On Target and Youth Trap. I see carelessness through all age groups however.

    Are you having a tough time reading my posts? Where once have I said the blame rests squarely on the elderly? I personally have witnessed carelessness at several of Southern California's deserts with trash being left everywhere, shot up targets being left, spent casings being covered up, non off-road areas being tracked through, beer cans strewn about, etc...
    You know who participates in this? Everyone who hasn't been taught properly and those who are apathetic and just don't care. I've seen it in my own camping group. All ages, 21-70, and usually male.
    You know what I do about it?
    I educate on the repercussions politically, environmentally and otherwise. I take out more trash than I bring in. I provide trashbags for my whole crew. I don't bring anyone with me that can't do the same and I refuse to camp with those that continue to ruin it for the rest of us.

    I'm not an ageist. I'm a realist. This isn't a youth problem, and there's plenty if others here who obviously can attest to the same.
  6. Riff-Raff....

    I can see the point about the riff-raff. :D
    The big private club in my metro area that offers match use, rifles, pistols, shotgun, trap, meeting areas, bbqs, etc charges dues of about $450.00 per year. :eek:
    Plus you must be a formal NRA member. ;)
    That keeps a lot of "weekend rangers" & posers away. It keeps me away too. :(

    Really, Id pay the steep fees if it meant I had few restrictions or areas where I could shoot rifles, handguns, shotguns, etc w/o 9,000,000 distractions or problems. :mad:
  7. Nanook

    Nanook Well-Known Member

    Yep, the range I refer to does cost around $300 a year when you count paying for the work days if you can't work them. It's worth it, though.

    The range officers do keep the idiocy to a minimum. A case in point, a guy brought his girl friend to the range. Everyone was glad to see a woman shooting figuring it's good for us.

    We were on the benchrest range, concrete benches all around, sitting position only. One of the guns the couple brought was an M-1 Garand. After a while the woman begins to shoot it. She was standing up when she started, and the range officer immediately came over and stopped the shooting. He explained the problem to both of them, and they changed to a sitting position. No harm no foul. This one was due to not knowing the rules, and not from malice.

    This range has had issues with the baffles getting shot up, and will expel anybody caught shooting them. Standing at the bench rest range will almost guarantee a baffle getting shot up.

    At the farm range I shoot on, the target holders usually get shot up pretty quick. The other day we figured out why. One of the people who shoots there puts targets up side by side. This will just about force somebody into shooting the uprights since our target holders are only 2 feet wide plywood pieces. We're correcting that behavior so that should clear it up.
  8. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Nanook, $300.00 a year, sure glad I live in a gun friendly state, all of a sudden $75.00 a year doesn't seem quite so high.
  9. 303load

    303load Well-Known Member

    Seen the name on the thread (range rage) and thought of the crazed lunatic running around his truck acting a fool with 3 others 2 kids. He was throwing stuff. Cussing. Kicking. Screaming. One ran off and hid in the woods. After 5 min of ranting and raving he jumps in the truck and does a doughnut out of the gravel parking lot. I say that is some serious range rage. Everybody on the 4 ranges ceased fire and view the whole thing in sheer silence. Made me load up in a hurry. Range rage that made my skin crawl. Best wishes.
  10. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Gee, did I say that they did need to be a certain age. Go back and read my first post.

    It absolutely amazes me that people post without even knowing what they are talking about. I never once said it's always kids and that adults don't do such things. You should stop assuming things.
  11. WV_Gunner

    WV_Gunner Member

    Our worst of it are people being rude. A local gun store owner and their friends gave me troubles my last time out. A week before deer season I'm trying to sight in my new scope which was frusturating enough thanks to wind gusts, then to top it off these people. Lets take our half dozen ARs, shoot for 30 minutes straight and then stop. This went on for hours.
    I'll also never forget some moron that was putting on some sort of class. They'd all get on a group on the range. Plus some were shooting at the 25 yard target 5 yards away from it. And the "instructor" would never ask could he go out and check targets, he'd just start walking. My wife almost shot him by accident because he walked in front of her while fractions of a second from pulling the trigger. After that we just left.
  12. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Do you think that was the only instance? Really? I'm guessing you are a member at my club? Did you expect me to list EVERY instance of vandalism??

    Perhaps you are unfamiliar with percentages. Let me help you, I said 90% of the problem. That means that in every 10 occurrences one of them is an adult. It may even be an 80/20 ratio. That still doesn't change the fact that neatly every time we have people arrested for vandalism they are under the age of 21 and most of the time are not members.

    Don't like the facts, too bad. Youth make poor decisions frequently and get caught frequently it's an age old pattern that isn't likely to change. Getting bent out if shape like you are won't change that.
  13. blarby

    blarby Well-Known Member

    Would make a great poster.

    Could hang it next to the "unofficial" spots, but all the dolts would do is shoot at that too, and the tree its on, the trees behind it, and then try and down the tree itself with trebuchets filled with broken glass and punctured oil filters.
  14. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member

    The Indiana DNR for Clark, Floyd, Harrison and Crawford counties, placed a new pit toilets at several sites including the self regulated shooting range at the Clark forest.

    The idiots shot it to Swiss cheese, a brand new polyvinyl single holer that didn't stink and was maintained and stocked with paper, the one at a popular river access was bulldozed by some yahoo in a 4 wheeler , another older but usable one at a public fishing area was burned down.

    Closes thing I can figure the a******* that are doing it must have them sewed shut !

    These are the local redneck, beer bellied, jacked up 4 wheeler Bubbas that are ruining our areas, and if I can ever see one I will turn them in to the DNR's wardens.

    Great thread !
  15. RMc

    RMc Well-Known Member

    In an age where nationally televised shooting shows seem to constantly use glass bottles as targets, should it be any suprise to find broken glass and other assorted shot up junk at public ranges?
  16. Field Tester

    Field Tester Well-Known Member

    Someone want to go through and highlight and quote every time he did in fact say this? I'm on my phone and cannot multi-quote.

    Oh wait, never mind. He completely contradicts himself again with his reply to me.

    And yet there's another thread on Surveillance For Ranges going on right now further proving my point. Count how many times the words "vandalism" is followed by "good ol boys".

    What was that about not liking "facts" again?
  17. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Why don't you go quote it? It seems like you are the person with the problem, not everyone else. I have plainly said in my posts that older people commit such acts, apparently you still haven't grasped percentages.

    You can post your childish comments and arguments all say long but it doesn't change the fact that MY CLUB has been vandalized by people under 21 and in done cases under 18 almost in almost every single occurs occurrence. I really don't care if you like that or not, it's fact.
  18. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Ok, here you go, I went ahead and did it for you. You claim I said that all vandalism is committed by kids. You claim that I contradict myself. Here is every one of my posts, save the last one directly above, from this thread:

    Now, there you go. Again I will ask you, did they teach you about percentages in high school? I'm my very first post I said that it's NOT ALWAYS kids. See that whole 90/10 thing. Then I even said it may be 80/20 but that's still a large majority. Those are facts.

    Now you have insulted, accused me of lying, and just generally exhibited very un-highroad behavior.

    Btw, since you are casting stones about us old guys talking about kids and, I believe you said, "vidiya" games, I'm 34 years old. Not exactly part if the old guy brigade. I'm just far enough this side of my youth to realize that dad was pretty smart and that kids get in trouble.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2014
  19. Potatohead

    Potatohead Well-Known Member

    Are you saying its only "local redneck, beer bellied, jacked up 4 wheeler Bubbas that are ruining these areas?":fire::cuss::fire:

    It's their parents too!:neener:
  20. Field Tester

    Field Tester Well-Known Member

    Cheese and crackers man!

    My qualm is with you attempting to place the majority of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the youth. You provided your experience and I provided mine. You were speaking locally where I was speaking as a whole. Then OTHER commenters provided THEIR experiences which show your statistics to be flawed. It may be YOUR personal perceived notion that younger shooters are responsible for reckless behavior beyond YOUR personal little world, but as a whole in the shooting community, this is not the case. Other commenters have supported this and I have cited another thread that shows the same. Unless you have any nationally recognized figures to back up your claim, the majority of people positing shows that this is not the case.

    Don't get me started on the behavior exhibited by you in this thread. Your hypocrisy on the matter lends no credence in your accusation against me.

    As to not have this thread locked, I ask that you continue any further issues you have with me in a PM. Where they will be promptly ignored.

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