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Range Report GA Precision AICS .308!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by alpha6164, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. alpha6164

    alpha6164 Well-Known Member


    Well i took the rifle out today to break in the barrel and do some basic 100yrd shooting and sight in the Nightforce 5.5-22x50 scope. The barrel broke in really easy and sighting was a breeze. I was on paper the first shot and by the end of the 5th shot i was hitting dead center.

    After the barrel break in, i let the barrel cool for 20min. The using Federal GMM 175gr rounds i made 10-round group. I really dont believe in 3 or 5shot groups because it is easier to get a nice group. 10-consecutive shots make it a little more difficult.

    The gun is very accurate. The gun has more than i have. I have no doubt that in the right conditions and the right shooter this is a 0.25MOA rifle. The gun was rested on a Harris bipod and my shoulders alone. I would say i was giving it moderate effort, but i know for sure i can do better as far as breathing, trigger control, etc etc.

    The hole you see at the right lower section on its own was the 1st shot cold bore, the rest of the 9 shots were right thru the center. I am going to take it to the 200yrd range this week and will report back.

  2. Darthbauer

    Darthbauer Well-Known Member

    Thats a real pretty rifle.

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    Great looking rifle............good shooting too.........:D

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