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Range Report: TruGlo 2x Red Dot....

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bobarino, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Bobarino

    Bobarino member

    finally got a chance to take out the AR and play with the new optic. overall i give it a thumbs sideways.

    first, mounting is easy, just put in on your weaver or picatinny rail and tighten the screws. easy. it mounts good and solid and but its canted a bit clockwise (as viewed from the rear) maybe 2°. no biggy as there are no crosshairs, just a dot.

    the dot is plenty bright. there are 11 brightness settings and it was a sunny day and i used number 8 or 9. the dot is supposed to be 2.5 MOA but seemed more like about 4 MOA. it seemed to cover avout 2.5 inches at 50m instead of 100.

    light transmission is mediocre. its noticably dimmer looking through the tube that not. the optics are of so-so quality too. the edge of the sight picture through the tube is blurry and distorted.

    zeroing is just like any other optic. shoot a group, adjust, shoot a group adjust. i zeroed it for 50m. at 50m i was able to keep a 3 inch group shooting offhand quickly, but not rapid fire. plenty "combat accurate".

    the bad news is that paralax error is, as i suspected, terrible. if you don't have th edot exactly centered in the tube, the POI shifts all over the place. you MUST use a very consistent cheeck weld to get it to work right. its definately not the best option for speedy target aquisition and firing. like i said, if you don't hold it to the exact same spot on your cheek each time, POI shifts. the dot must be centered exactly each time making aiming a two step process. center the dot in the tube, then the dot on the target.

    i think this would be a good choice for something like your favorite plinking gun like a .22 or a SKS. it would most likely be minute of clay pigeon accurate at 100 with some practice.

    i didn't expect the world for $85 and for that price its a good optic for non-serious use. i would not recommend it for a gun that may see defensive use. my AR is really just for fun but of course i could use it in a defensive role should the need arise so i think i'll be saving my pennies for the EOTech 512.

  2. John C

    John C Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Bobarino, for the range report. (I realize that I'm writing this 8 months after your post).

  3. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    a friend of mine just mounted one of those on a socom 16 last weekend. it seemed pretty nice, but i don't think it justified the price. the parallax error seemed minor horizontally, but was awful vertically- doubly annoying since it's fairly tall and you have to hold your head up off the stock a bit higher than i'm accustomed to, so no good cheek weld
  4. MyRoad

    MyRoad Well-Known Member

    I bought the same TruGlo 2x a while back. My review was a bit more harsh, since I find the paralax problem to be so bad that it makes the unit useless. I only own one other red dot - an Aimpoint - and once you've used a red dot that works really well, its hard to use one that makes you do all the work.
  5. MarkL

    MarkL Active Member

    Was very unhappy with mine. It's now sitting in the closet replaced by a Millet 1x red dot...which is very nice.
  6. MyRoad

    MyRoad Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's kind of difficult to return them, since them come in molded plastic packaging that you pretty much have to destroy to get them out of -- makes "return in original packaging" not an option.

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