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RCBS 10-10 Knife edge question

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by ultralightbackpacker, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. I just bought a new rcbs 10-10 from midway, just came on sale for 139, or maybe it was 131, I cant remember.

    Anyway, unpack it and the knife edges are not perpendicular to the beam, they are off maybe 15 degrees. Could this be normal? Seems not to me, but I am no expert.

    Thank you folks.
  2. dmazur

    dmazur New Member

    Well, they're perpendicular on mine, and I imagine it won't work correctly if they are skewed. The two knife edges have to be colinear, too.

    Either made wrong or damaged afterwards.

    Send it back.
  3. ranger335v

    ranger335v New Member

    The vertical center line of the pivot bar and knives should be 90 degrees from the beam. Contact RCBS.
  4. Thanks boys. Just my luck. hahahaha!
  5. Randy1911

    Randy1911 New Member

    You will find RCBS has excellant customer service. They will make you a happy camper. They have always treated me very well.
  6. Bruno2

    Bruno2 New Member

    Call them they may even send a box with the postage pre paid to ship it back to them.

    I bought a dillon beam balance scale off of flea bay. The scale didnt have a powder pan with it. The powder pans have a compartment in the bottom for lead shot to calibrate the weight of the pan in order for the scale to zero. I got such a good deal on the scale that I didnt mind buying the pan. I called dillon .. Dillon said they didnt sale the pan seperately. The CS guy at dillon told me to call RCBS b/c their scales were made by the same manufacturer. I did and explained to the cs guy at RCBS that I bought the scale used on flea bay, It was a dillon scale at that. This guy said no problem and still sent me a free pan. I will say it again free no charge.

    That is about as good as customer service gets.;)
  7. rfwobbly

    rfwobbly New Member

    My old 505 has the pressed-in knife edge that's off at maybe 88 or 89 degrees. Since the pin, with the knife edges at either end, is pressed into the bar, there's no way the knives can't be co-linear. So the scale works, it just looks weird.

    But being off at 75 degrees from the bar is a lot. There's a fear the reading surfaces aren't close together. I'd send it back too.

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