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rcbs chargemaster combo or hornady lock and load?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by smokemeister25, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. smokemeister25

    smokemeister25 New Member

    i was gonna buy one of these and wondered if anybody that had them had any preferences? i called both of them and asked the same question.. ''what happens if they break? what do you guys do?'' rcbs said they charge a flat fee of 45 bucks and send you a new one with a new warranty. guy from hornady kind of stammered and didn't know what they'd do. said they'd fix it and would charge whatever it cost. that sounded kind of scary to me. i realize the rcbs is about a hundred bucks more, but if the hornady breaks and they don't want to fix it that could be a real problem. especially over a multi year and more than once break problem. i admit i like the thought of for 45 bucks you get a new one if it breaks.

    does either one have features that make it superior, or does one work more accurately than the other?
  2. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

    I have two RCBS ChargeMaster 1500s. The keypad crapped out on my first one after a couple of years. I sent it back to RCBS, paid the $45 fee, and they sent me a new one which has been fine these past six months or so. I ordered another because I shoot WAY too much to be without one. The ChargeMaster is nothing short of amazing and it made reloading so much more enjoyable. If you buy one, you won't regret it.
  3. smokemeister25

    smokemeister25 New Member

    i've been on a tear lately buyin stuff... :) long story, but i had an accident about 13 years back that left me crippled for a long time. but after 45 surgeries and 7 plus years in a wheelchair i can walk again and do enough that most people dont even know i was crippled. so i've been shootin again and lovin it. also, dug all my reloading stuff and set it up again. but i gotta tell ya, sittin there and using my balance beam scales is a real drag and killin my back. so i thought one of these things would make my life a lot easier and more fun. so this is one of the things i want along with the new mec 9000 automate power shotshell reloader, tumbler and a bunch of odds and ends. lifes too short and if i do what i used to do and get stuff slowly by the time i have what i want i won't be able to use it... :)

    the hornady looks nice, but i imagine these things break down. heck, they're electronic and it seems like everything i have that's electronic breaks down. so i like the 45 buck get a new one deal a LOT more than "send it in and we'll fix it and charge what it costs..." do you happen to know which one is more accurate or if they're both spot on? or is one faster? i know hornady makes good stuff. i'll be loading mostly 44 mag, 9mm, 30-06 and 5.56 on a rock crusher. i know.... 9mm and 5.56 if you shoot a lot is slow on a single stage press but that's what i'm gonna use cause that's what i have and don't shoot enough of any of these to warrant a progressive metallic press. but punchin a button and lettin it do it's thing while i reach for a shell to load and grab a bullet should move things along. right now i have a uniflow with a micrometer on it and it works nicely. but i thought between selling the rcbs 1010 scale and the uniflow which has the micrometer i might get a good bit of the chargemaster cost back. the uniflow with the micrometer and stand is almost new. actually, the powder measure is nice and works very well. and with the micrometer it's both repeatable and accurate. maybe what i should do is just get an electronic scale so i don't have to work so hard at seeing the balance beam. i have a bad eye and seein close is kind of a bummer. i'd save a ton that way.

    whatcha think?
  4. howlnmad

    howlnmad New Member

    I love my ChargeMaster. It's seems a bit slow but that's fine with me cuz I don't speed load, except my wheel guns. I've heard the Hornady has problems being consistant and varies a couple tenths.
  5. ranger335v

    ranger335v New Member

    "...rcbs said they charge a flat fee of 45 bucks and send you a new one with a new warranty."

    Sorta gives us an idea of what the price mark-up on them things is, don't it? ;)
  6. chagasrod

    chagasrod New Member

    I have one and it's amazing. About being a bit slow, if you call RCBS a technician can guide you through a process which you can make the machine dispense much faster.
    It's all in the keyboard and he'll tell you the codes to punch in.

    RCBS is the Best!!!
  7. smokemeister25

    smokemeister25 New Member

    i had heard they could be made faster. i'm wondering about just using my uniflow with the micrometer and an electronic scale. except for having to hand trickle it should work well that way i think. anybody have any opinions?
  8. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

    RCBS gets to keep the unit you send back so it's not quite that simple. I have no idea as to what RCBS's cost is, but RCBS has a great reputation for customer service. For instance, I emailed them asking if I could buy parts for my PiggyBack II progressive press which is over 15 years old. They told me to tell them what I wanted and they'd ship them at no charge. Does that mean the parts are free to RCBS as well ... hardly. It's just part of their overall customer service approach. There are many examples of excellent RCBS customer service on this forum.

    smokemeister25, good to hear that you're back on your feet. It seems that RCBS had a bad batch of keypads, or at least, that's what I've read on a couple of forums. RCBS supposedly resolved the issue and the new ones are proving to be more reliable. As I mentioned, I have no wish to be without one, they're THAT good. If you do buy one and are interested in making some changes to the way it works, you might want to read the article in the link below.

  9. smokemeister25

    smokemeister25 New Member

    midsouth looks like they have them for 279 which seems to be a pretty good price. i tend to agree about rcbs service. several times they've givem me replacement or even free stuff when i didn't think they had to. i tend to try to be a little loyal to them for that reason. not saying the other companies aren't good. just that i've had good service from rcbs
  10. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

  11. smokemeister25

    smokemeister25 New Member

    I forgot that. Another good reason to buy it... :)
  12. ar24095

    ar24095 Member

    Cabelas has them on sale for $289.00 then you get $20.00 off code until 12pm tomorrow. Add one other RCBS product and take another $50.00 off with a rebate from RCBS and you come pretty good. I just ordered one my self.
  13. dredd

    dredd Member

    I ordered the RCBS Chargemaster setup from Midsouth. It came in yesterday.

    MADE IN CHINA did NOT having me jumping up and down!!!
    Based on all of the reviews, I'm hoping I'll be happy with it.
    If I would have known it was made in China,
    (I probably missed that somewhere while I was looking for reviews)
    I would have dug a little deeper into my options
    (if I even had any).

    I guess I'm just venting.

    Carry on.....
  14. donny640

    donny640 New Member

    I bought one last week, almost missed the sale.
  15. dc.fireman

    dc.fireman New Member

    I'm with you there - I neither read nor understood that it was made in PRC. I've been making it a point lately to not buy things from there. I was under the impression that they were being made for them by PACT, in good ole' Texas, USA.

    I bought mine about two months ago, and have used it to make around 300 rounds of ammunition. Thats not a lot of ammunition, and seems slow, until you realize that you just weighed each and every charge - which aids in consistency.

    Mine dispenses fast, up to about the point where it reaches what seems to be around 75-80% of the charge load, and then trickles from that point.

    The only problem I'm having with it is, recalling loads from memory, but the might be the loose nut behind the keyboard - at this stage, I haven't fully played it out yet, and learned its ins & outs... currently - I'll give it a 'thumbs up', for ease of use, precision, and repeatability... YMMV...

    Good Luck!

  16. Coal Dragger

    Coal Dragger Active Member

    Can't speak for the RCBS or the Hornady, but I did pick up the Lyman last night and it works like a champ. It's reasonably quick too, really made throwing powder for some .280 AI work up loads a lot faster and likely more accurate than my old beam scale.

    Hopefully it will last, I hear all these electronic trickler/scales have some gremlins.

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