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RCBS priming arm parts

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Cypress, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    I just bought an old RCBS Jr3 single stage press and the priming arm only came with the large primer set up. I see that RCBS has a universal priming arm out that would fit this press but I don't want to spend $18 plus $10 shipping when all I need is the seater pin,cup, and spring. I also found that these replacement parts for the new arm are different. The pin is threaded so that it screws into the arm instead of using the set screw like mine. So.....does anyone know of a place to get old style parts or if I could just put the threaded pin in mine and tighten the set screw? Sorry for being so cheap but I don't want to pay as much for the priming arm as I did for the press. Thanks in advance.
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Just call RCBS at 1-800-533-5000

    They will send you the parts you need free if they still have them in stock.

    Otherwise, they will know what other options will work and probably send you that free.

    Their warranty is the best anywhere.

  3. alrutzz

    alrutzz Active Member

    Agree with RC. I had the EXACT same problem as you.


    Here was my JR3 not long after I got it. It had a large primer setup so I ordered this from Midway. Sounds like what you're looking for.

    When I went to put it on my press, turned out the cup wouldn't slide up and down on the plug, because there was a defect on the plug that left more metal than the cup could slide over.

    I called RCBS and before the call was over the kind lady on the phone had shipped me the whole universal primer assembly, free of charge, with both large and small primer setups.
  4. jtmo3

    jtmo3 Active Member

    Agree with RC. Call them. They will help you all they can. I just called them cause I wanted to buy the plastic pieces in their aps priming system on a pro2000, to have on hand in case something broke. They sent me the pieces and wouldn't even talk about charging me even though the ones I have weren't broken. RCBS customer service has always treated me better than any other company I've used. They will help you if it's at all possible.
  5. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    I'll give them a call tomorrow to see what will work. I don't really feel right taking anything free from them as I did not buy this press new. Thanks for the #'s and links!
  6. jtmo3

    jtmo3 Active Member

    Good luck. Let us know how it went after you call them.
  7. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    Got in touch with RCBS today. They said I would have to get a whole new priming arm. So I placed an order for that and a spent primer catcher. I asked what my total would be and the rep said it would cost an address and telphone #. I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn't budge. They just bought a new life long customer for about $25 plus shipping. Strong work RCBS!!! Thanks again for the suggestions guys.

    P.S. I recently broke the linkage on my LEE press. The part wasn't much but they didn't offer to replace it free. I'm not knockin' LEE but I even explained to the RCBS guy that the parts didn't break but were lost. He still gave them to me. RCBS is just a shelf or two above some of these other guys.
  8. jtmo3

    jtmo3 Active Member

    Yep. That sounds like them. I'm sure dillon and the others are just as good, but I've used rcbs for many years and they've never let me down. No reason to switch at this point. Glad it worked out for you.
  9. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I was about 100% sure the outcome would turn out like that!


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