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Re-bedding Kimber 84M

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by bachekermooni, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. bachekermooni

    bachekermooni New Member

    I have a Kimber America 84M in 308. She can hold right around an MOA. I am going to develop loads and get ready for a MT hunt this fall. Playing around I noticed if I only tighten the rear action screw, it lifts the barrel tip up :eek:
    I have also heard that Kimber uses a mock up to bed the action. I am concerned the back of the recoil lug is not touching the bedding.
    I would like to re-glass bed the action and the first part of the barrel to relieve this unwanted pressure. I just got the AcraGlass Gel for this purpose.

    Has anyone had my issue? Has anyone re-bedded this rifle before? Did you take the original bedding completely off? Just roughed it up and added supplemental bedding material? What kind?

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Clark

    Clark New Member

    I like Devcon steel putty, so I don't have to fight time or gravity.
    But any two part epoxy works just fine, if you can keep it in the right place until it hardens. They are all ~~ 20kpsi compression.
    I have made pillars for and bedded my Bansner stocks [I think what is used in a Kimber Montana].
    I have done it for round bottomed Rem700 and flat bottomed Mauser actions.
    The Kimber has a round bottom.
    Everyone else I have seen on the internet butts up to round bottoms with a square cut cylinder end. Not me, I butt up with a matching concave curve.
  3. Savage99

    Savage99 Member

    May I suggest that you leave it alone.

    MOA accuracy is pretty good!

    Instead confirm that it stays sighted in for that first shot from a cold barrel.

    That's what gets the game!
  4. bachekermooni

    bachekermooni New Member

    I used AcraGlass for one project. never again. i have used Devcon steel for three projects and love it. my stock is walnut. its bedding is brown. so this time it is the gel with brown dye - to match stock and existing bedding.
  5. fdashes

    fdashes New Member

    what Savage99 says!!

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