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Re15 vs Varget vs TAC for .223

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by TonyAngel, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    I need some help. Not too long ago, I got hung up on the precision shooting thing. Since then I built me a compact precision AR-15 and loaded up a bunch of different rounds and tried them out. At some point during all of the hustle and bustle of getting into something new, I got hung up on using Re15 and Varget powerders for my 69 and 77gr loads.

    When I first started, I did load up some loads using TAC and tried them out, but then as I said, I got hung up using Varget and Re15. I got great results with Varget and Re15. At least I'm getting great results now. I've improved a lot as a shooter over the last few months.

    The thing is that I was going through some data last night and ran across a target that depicted .4 and .5" groups that were shot with a load of 22gr of TAC under a 77gr SMK. How did I forget about that? I don't know.

    Now, I'm getting ready to leave town for a few days and want to get an order in for supplies to be here by the time I get back. I'm wondering if I should order up a bunch of Varget and/or Re15 or just get an 8lb jug of TAC and do some experimenting with that.

    I know this is getting long winded, so the bottom line question is this....have any of you guys ever compared your accuracy results from the three listed powders? Is the use of TAC something worth pursuing or should I just stick with what I know works? For me, Varget and Re15 are pretty much interchangeable. My rifle likes them both fine, but if I can go to TAC, I can start progressive loading again and not necessarily weigh every charge like I have to do with Varget.

  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Maybe start out with 1 pound of TAC and re-test it again?

    An 8 pound keg is enough to load up 2,545 rounds.
    What if it turns out you don't like it so much afterall?

  3. Rokman

    Rokman Well-Known Member

    They are great powders for what you are using them for. I like them all and they are so versatile for me that if you don't like the 8lb jug of Tac, just send it to me. I would probably listen to RC and start off with a smaller amount just in case.
  4. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    I want to start out small, but when ordering online, I kind of like to order a lot. That's why I was taking shot hoping to draw on others' experiences. If I get one pound of TAC and a bunch of Re15 or Varget and like the TAC, I'll have no use for the other power.

    Heck, I'll just get the 8lb keg. If it doesn't shoot as well as the other stuff, I'll just relegate it to loading plinking ammo for my carbine.
  5. Rokman

    Rokman Well-Known Member

    When I buy online, I take advantage and buy a lot too. You should like the TAC. I have been completely satisfied with all three powders. TAC is cheap and does make great plinking ammo also.
  6. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    TAC is just as good as the others but much cheaper.
  7. Caliber

    Caliber Well-Known Member

    I just got 8lbs of TAC and will be loading 55grn bullets. I hope it works out.
  8. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    24.5gr is a mild but very accurate load that is great for bulk range ammo.
  9. NuJudge

    NuJudge Well-Known Member

    I can't get Varget to shoot for me in 1:9 or 1:8 barrels with 69 or 80 gr bullets. I get great results with IMR 4895 with 69gr bullets. With RL15 I get good results with 69 and excellent results with 80 gr bullets.

    The only load I'm satisfied shoots very well in any .223 AR is 52gr SMK, 26.5 gr 748, a CCI primer and a LC or WRA case. For everything else, try it in your rifle.
  10. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    OK, I went ahead and ordered some TAC anyway. I figured I'll be able to use it for something. I'll just stay away from max loads just in case it is on the temp sensitive side.

    NuJudge, it's too bad that Varget doesn't work for you. The guys down in my neck of the woods swear by it and use it and Reloader 15 almost interchangeably.

    I'm trying to get out of the office right now to take a ride of Cabelas. A friend of mine told me that they have 500 count boxes of 69gr SMKs for 79.00 on the shelf. Gotta go snap those up.
  11. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    I found TAC too slow for 55 grain bullets. Velocities out of my AR were really slow and the rounds were VERY smokey....I prefer H4895 for 55 grainers anything heavier Varget was really nice but I stopped using it when it disappeared. Reloder 15 was rally good with 60+ grain bullets too.
  12. cougar1717

    cougar1717 Well-Known Member

    At first glance, I would think that it's difficult to beat an extruded powder like RE-15 or varget with heavier bullets in 223. Even if you cannot replicate your previous groups with TAC, it's a handy powder to have around. It really depends if your rifle likes it better than the others. It's possible to have a killer load for one rifle that is just mediocre in another.

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