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real big holster

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Thatmichhunter, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I'm in search of a holster for my new deer gun. 10.5" New Model Super Blackhawk, from holding it I think its gonna be a bit bulky to carry bandolear(sp?) Style while hunting. I was looking for something in a drop leg style to keep it below my jacket and easily accessable. What say yee? Hopefully without going completely custom.
  2. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Drop leg? I don't think that's going to work with so long a gun or the muzzle will be past your knees.

    Most folks tend to move away from belt holsters and toward the bandoleer cross/chest carry types when they go to guns that big. Pretty danged awkward having that long a gun anywhere on your belt (especially hanging down below it, drop-leg style).

    DM Bullard does make a few super blackhawk holsters, though over 7-1/2" barrel he asks you to email him about it first.

    This one would actually work, but only because it's a belt slide and the barrel will stick out anyway: http://store.dmbullardleather.com/catalog/product/816c55d6dfcb4e8bae6f103692e8c4ac

    His big gun holsters seem to be mostly cross-draw though, probably because its easier to draw such a long barrel across your body instead of straight up.
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  3. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Simply Rugged has a few of his pancake holsters that he makes for the SBH, but still doesn't mention the 10" barrel version. I think I'd want to get his "Chesty Puller" harness to go with it just to get that big gun up off my legs.


    You'll have to email him to see if he'll do a 10".
  4. I think I can fit it on my leg with the barrel right above my knee, I'm not opposed to a bandolier or cross draw, just haven't tried it yet. Usually this gun will be carried along with my shotgun or muzzleloader so getting it out in a hurry isn't bad, or it will be hung on my tree for easier access. From looking I think finding a drop leg is gonna be hard because of the scope.
  5. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Ok, wow I found something!

    Hunter holsters makes this: http://www.huntercompany.com/HunterCatalog/index.html#17/z

    Model 1060, their "frontier holster" and their size chart lists it as available for the 10" SBH.

    A lot harder to find that gun in ANY maker's catalog that I'd have guessed.

    AAACH. Wait, with a scope? Oh. No, that probably takes all of the waist holsters out of the running.

    Might be stuck with the big bandoleer pouch styles then.
  6. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

  7. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    thatmichhunter I had the same ruger years ago and still hunt with a heavy long barrel revolver. Nothing like illinois Januarys special handgun hunt when its 10 below. You will really want cross chest rig of some kind to equal out the weight. Most can be warn under or over a coat. ere a couple that don't cost to much http://www.gunblast.com/GrizzlyTuff.htm
    As low cost as -http://www.cowboyneeds.com/pass_bandolier_holster.html
    Get cha some idea's here-
  8. blackhawk44

    blackhawk44 Active Member

    Having worn a holster gun in the field for the last 50 years, with both a scope and a 10.5" barrel, a belt holster is out of the question for you. A cross chest holster is virtually the only option.
  9. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    A buscadero just ain't gonna work. A crossdraw would be okay if it weren't for the scope. Having handled a few recently, I would heartily recommend the chest rig from 7x Leather. I'd also recommend a shorter barrel. A 10" offers nothing but hassle over a shorter length.

  10. RedAlert

    RedAlert Well-Known Member

    I'm in the Pacific Northwest and we are used to wet hunting weather. I'd suggest at least a look at Uncle Mike's chest rigs. Made of nylon materials, they resist the wet, dry out faster than leather and have stock models made for the Super Blackhawk w/ 10.5" barrel. Much less expensive as well.

    I carried a S&W 629, .44mag, scoped w/8.375" barrel very comfortably in one of their rigs.

  11. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    Cheap nylon holsters like those from Uncle Mike's retain moisture and rot worse than leather. No way would I trust my expensive guns to cheap nylon.

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