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receiver advice

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by bamasurp, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. bamasurp

    bamasurp Member

    Hi folks I am a member of several firearms related boards and now this one. I am preparing to build a rifle using a military receiver. Has anyone used a Yugoslavian M48 receiver to build up a rifle? I have one of the Parker Hale heavy barrels. I would like to build up a .308 rifle. I would rather use a VZ24 action but it seems like I can come by the M48 a lot easier. Any thoughts?

  2. stans

    stans Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a VZ-24 that was converted to 308. Looks like it was a 30-06 military barrel with a chamber bushing. It was cheap, I bought it and was surprised to find it is a 1 MOA rifle! Even with cheap surplus ammo!!!!! I think the action length of the M-48 is a little shorter than the VZ-24 and that is good for the 308. The 308 round kind of gets lost in the standard length M-98 magazine. I understand that barrel threads are frequently, but not always, small ring size in the M-48. Due to the shorter action length, after-market M-98 stocks will not fit the M-48 receiver.
  3. Clemson

    Clemson Well-Known Member

    The problem is stocks. There aren't many available for the M48. Boyds has exactly one -- the walnut semi-inletted JRS. They don't even cut a laminate for that action. Century and SOG both have VZ 24's with cracked stocks at a reasonable price. Have your dealer order one of those for you. There are a multitude of aftermarket stocks available for standard length M98's.
  4. DeBee

    DeBee Well-Known Member

    An additional complication is the feed rails on various makes of Mausers differ. Some are tapered, some are milled straight.

    I, too, am looking to built the ultimate .308 practical carbine on a short Mauser action but I can't work out the details just yet...

    Others will just grab any Mauser action and slap a .308 barrel on it and it may feed (some are really push feeding) but I want custom like precision- like the original Mausers...

    You certainly don't want the cartridge getting 'lost' in the magazine box! If it's wondering around down there, where and when is the extractor going to pick it up???

    I hope you will keep us posted with your progress.
  5. bamasurp

    bamasurp Member


    I decided to go with the VZ24 action. I know several people that have over the years built custom rifles using them with very good results. I keep you posted as I get the parts and get started.


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