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Recent Colt Commando prices??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by rcmodel, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Anyone care to venture what a VG to EX WWII 4" Colt Commando should reasonably sell for?

    I'm striking out on finding much of anything for sale on the auction sites.

    There is what appears to be a pretty nice one coming up at an estate auction next weekend, and I ain't got much of a clue how much I want to put into one.

  2. vanfunk

    vanfunk Well-Known Member

    Just one data point...

    The last Commando I saw had about 75% finish left but was mechanically tight with a bright bore. It sold locally for $450.


  3. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    Usually I can find a number of the Official Police models at the LGS and gunshows, but the Commando versions are pretty scarce around here. The last few I came across were in very good to excellent condition, and were priced in the $500 to $600 range.
  4. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    would love to help you RC but I have not seen one locally in over a decade
  5. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Well-Known Member

  6. COK

    COK Well-Known Member

    As you likely know they have gone up in value a lot. Once they were though of a very basic Colt and a lot went to police departments and auxiliary police after the war. I know a person that bought one for $15 in the mid 60's new in the box.
    Now they are linked to WW II and the associated history.
    I see some in my area in very good condition with box and they are asking what was referanced in posts above- $500-$600.
    I am curious what it goes for .
  7. rklessdriver

    rklessdriver Well-Known Member

    I watch the Commando's that come up for sale as often as I can. More or less to keep tabs on how much mine is going up in value.

    I've seen very few on the auction sites in the past couple of years. None of those were super nice either. $600-$700 seem to be going (asking) rate for the beaters. I'm sure your aware of the joke on (over) price that GA, AA and GT have become in the past few years....

    (1) near mint example recently came up for sale here on the local board in VA and sold very quickly at $550. Unfortunatly (for me) while I was mulling wether or not I wanted to have another one - somebody else snapped it up. Another (not so mint) example showed up for sale a few months ago on the same local board as I remember for $650 - with no takers...

    Good luck with your estate auction.

  8. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Thanks for the help everyone!!

    That gives me a better idea then I had before, and was about what I suspected.

  9. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Well, we got her!

    Auction was a Chinese Fire Drill that lasted all day, but finally, after standing in the sun from 8:30AM till 2:00PM, they decided to sell the guns.

    As a harbenger of things to come, they sold a Stevens Crack-Shot 32RF rust-bucket with a broken stock for almost $500! And a slightly rusted Buffelo Bill Winchester 94 for close to a grand!! !:what:

    I had decided to go $300 on the Colt Commando, and almost did.
    But of course at the very last second, some old guy who didn't have a clue what he was bidding on upped the anti to $350.
    So of course, I bid again, he backed off, and I got it!

    Overall, I think I still got a good deal.
    One downside is, some idjit dropped it on the concrete between the time I got to inspect it in the morning, and when they finally sold it that afternoon. Just a very small ding on the edge of the muzzle, but still, somebody should have thier azz kicked for that right there!

    The gun appears unfired, except for some slight rust/finish damage on the grip & frame. Not nearly as bad as it appears in the photo's.
    Bore is like a mirror, and it locks up tighter then a bank vualt door.
    Even the SA/DA trigger is much better then I expected to find on a war time gun. Bordering on really good!!

    Very low #2xxx serial (1942), and real walnut grips, not Coltwood.

    In all, I'm a happy camper for $375 I guess!




    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
  10. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    nice gun

    nice find

    price is fine too,

    300 would have been an epic victory
  11. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    Glad to see you got your Colt Commando. Even with the higher bid oyu did alright; too bad about the butterfingered idiot who dropped it. Did the holster come with it or is it something you already had?
  12. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    The more recent Vietnam era black GI holster I already had.

    They had three "Beaver Bros" :confused: brown swivel-loop flap holsters listed that they said were WWII period GI.

    Turned out all three were 1960's Buehler Bros commercial stamped.

    They sold for $15 bucks each, and the guy that bought them tried to sell me one five minutes later with all the stitching rotted out for $25! :rolleyes:

  13. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    C'mon RC - you've been around long enough to know that guns sell EXACTLY for what someone is willing to pay - no more, no less. If it is worth it to you, then it is reasonable - if it isn't - step aside and let the guy behind you buy it
  14. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

    "ante" rc, not "anti", just a spelling error I know! LOL You're so tickled with your new piece you could spit, I would be to, too, two, tue,....never mind.

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