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Recommend a good all-around defensive rifle (if I can't get an AR/M4)?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by scotty45, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. scotty45

    scotty45 Active Member

    I have a 1911 (EDC weapon) and am getting a Mossberg pump for Christmas :), but the only other long-gun I'll have in my stable is my old 10/22.

    I'm a new dad and am out of work so financially this year...the Colt 6920 I wanted had to sit on the back burner. Now it looks like when I have the money for a rifle to defend my family I face the reality that this platform will likely not be an option.

    If it's still legal but AR/M4 platforms aren't later on, would you all recommend a Mini 14 since it's a proven rifle and rugged and semi-auto still or would you recommend something else? I am not a hunter but have to be prepared if things get THAT bad that I select a rifle that I could take down some animals with (doesn't need to be a buffalo or grizzly load, of course).

    For the same price, Ruger has their Gunsite Ranch rifle that is a .308, but it's also bolt, not semi-auto so it would be better for hunting but not defense...right?

    What would you choose for just one rifle to fit all of those roles (defense against two- and four-legged critters, some hunting) if you couldn't have the AR/M4?

    Thanks for the help! I'm a pistol guy, not really much of a rifle one but now that I have my son to protect as well...I'm certainly going to check all the dots and protect my family.

    "Often the surest way to convey misinformation is to tell the strict truth." -- Mark Twain
  2. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd Well-Known Member

    Second grab for me is often my Russian SKS. Good shooter, epically reliable, inexpensive ammo and with the bayonet removed not at all off putting in appearance either.
  3. squarepants33889

    squarepants33889 Well-Known Member

    +1 What Apache said. I have posted it a few times to posters with similar questions. Up here SKS's can usually be found for about 150 bucks. Tough to beat even considering rifles worth 4 times as much.
  4. Steel Horse Rider

    Steel Horse Rider Well-Known Member

    An SKS might even be my first choice, but close behind would be a lever carbine in a pistol cartridge for home defense. I am partial to the .357 since I bought a Marlin 1894C many years ago and have had a ball making things dance with it, but a .44 would be just as useful at close range.
  5. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    A new awb is unlikely, but if passed would likely cover mini14/30s.
    An SKS with fixed 10-round magazine, standard stock, and no muzzle attachments or bayonet is just - wait for it - a rifle. Still, it's semi-auto, holds ten rounds, and 7.62x39 JSP is stout stuff.

    Also, it'll seem appropriate if we wind up required to call each other "comrade". :neener:
  6. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd Well-Known Member

    Respected comrade, please to note - SKS is be very fast for to reload with stripper-clpisky too.
  7. readyeddy

    readyeddy Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with a 30-30 lever action.
  8. egg250

    egg250 Well-Known Member

    I'd recommend a carbine in .45 ACP for commonality. Hi-point comes to mind, I have one. I have heard of quality of material issues in Kel-Tec, although I have no personal knowledge.

    Ruger Mini-14 - any chambering

    All of the rifles can be had in the $450 - $1000 range. The Hi-Point carbines can be had for $300 - $400.
  9. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    i'd take a 12 gauge loaded with 00 buckshot over any rifle

    but you do realize there were plenty of options for post-ban ARs during the '94 AWB, right?
  10. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    For real-world self-defense with a rifle, most any semi-auto would work as well as any other. An SKS would do just fine.

    If you really need more than ten rounds, your problem in not ammo. It's a shortage of folks on your side of the argument.
  11. Titusdrake

    Titusdrake Member

    1. AR/AK

    2. 12 Gauge shotgun

    3. everything else.
  12. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    If I were an out of work new dad, I'd stick with the shotgun - it will handle most issues quite nicely. I am not belittling you in any way shape or form, but I remember how much kids cost when they burn through that factory warranty.
  13. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    ill have to agree with the prospect of a pistol caliber carbine as being a great choice... if you can find one in the same caliber as your handgun of choice then youll only need to store one kind of ammunition and not have to worry about feeding it... so try to find one in 45acp to go with your 1911
  14. Voodoochile

    Voodoochile Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%

    Told a friend not too long ago because I don't own a AR/AK or semi auto, he said that I needed to have the ability to carry more ammo for my Mosin or Mossburg or Winchester.
    I told him that if I needed more than 60 rounds of ammo I don't need more ammo, I need more friends.

    I also agree with the pistol caliber carbine, my buddys 9mm High Point is quite handy & very reliable but like was mentioned that 12 Gauge would be quite formidable in a fight too.
  15. hirundo82

    hirundo82 Well-Known Member

    Lever .30-30. I have a number of semiauto rifles, but the rifle I keep loaded for HD is a Winchester 94.
  16. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    if you've gotta go levergun, i'd prefer .44 mag or .357 mag
  17. bushmaster1313

    bushmaster1313 Well-Known Member

    Not so fast Comrade.
    Glorious Leaders propose list naming 100 evil look guns
    SKS no doubt high on Glorious Leaders' list
  18. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    they also propose grandfathering all the existing evil looking guns, right?
  19. snakeman

    snakeman Well-Known Member

    sks or czechpoint vz58 or saiga
  20. gazpacho

    gazpacho Well-Known Member

    If short term finances are tight, I'd pick up some more good mags for the 1911, a couple of BX-25 mags for the 10/22. Then buy more ammo for all three.

    Your 10/22 should be able to do 6" groups at 100 yards. The 1911 and mossy (with slugs) can do 12" groups at 100 yards with a little bit of practice. Remember that your most likely scenarios will be protecting your family in the home until the cavalry arrives. At very short ranges, the mossy will be your best friend, and the 1911 will be around if things get hairy. The 10/22 can be very useful for harassing and deterrence.

    If you can get your new mom at least comfortable with the 10/22, that would be a big asset.

    For intermediate ranges, an SKS would make a great choice. A good 30-30 lever would also be a great choice because of the ease of finding ammo, and that it tends to draw less attention than something with a more military appearance.

    I would tend to shy away from pistol caliber carbines unless they share commonality with your sidearm. In this case, 45acp and 1911 magazines. A pistol caliber carbine is the same size and weight as an intermediate cartridge carbine (well, usually).

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