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recommended revolver for cc

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by 357gunshot, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. 357gunshot

    357gunshot New Member

    I am planning on buying a new pistol for cc. My plan a 357 but I don't want a snubby.due to loss of power and sight radius... How hard is it to conceal a 4" revolver? any suggestions on the best way? I prefer small of back iwb.
  2. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

    Ruger SP 101 in the 4" configuration, ought to work IWB.
  3. Haywood

    Haywood Well-Known Member

    If you carry small of the back a 4" should be OK. I have carried a 4" AIWB a number of times. You could also carry at 3, 4, and 5 O'clock. Don't forget to look at the 3" SP101. They are easy to carry and shoot.
  4. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Why not split the difference? A 3" revolver is a great carry gun. Ruger has a 3" GP100 and S&W has a 3" M686 and M686+. I would go with an older revolver though because a S&W K frame of Ruger Six-Series revolver is a much better carry.
  5. jimbo555

    jimbo555 Well-Known Member

    I have a police service six thats easy to carry and handles 357 rounds with ease!
  6. Kleanbore

    Kleanbore Moderator

    Search the forum on small of the back carry. There is a lot of risk in terms of very serious serious injuries due to pushes or falls, and there are issues pertaining to accessing the weapon under some circumstances.

    Also--shoot before buying. Try several very rapid shots--two or three in half a second--and see how well you can keep them in a CoM target at five and ten yards. The boom and fuss at the muzzle should not be confused with effectiveness.

    I have a .38 that will fire magnum ammo, but I always keep it loaded with Specials.

    And it's no longer my primary carry gun. I prefer an easier trigger pull and more capacity.
  7. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

    I would go with a .357 3" bbl. Thats jmho.But I would go to your local gs and just try out a 4" with different holsters because they are getting real good on fit and comfort.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  8. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    I would also go with a 3" barrel, like a used S&W Model 13 or a used Ruger Service or Speed Six.
  9. brnmw

    brnmw Well-Known Member

    4 inch. Colt "Python" and a Kirk Patrick Leather Company Duty Holster.
  10. BigJimP

    BigJimP Well-Known Member

    I like a 4" revolver for a carry gun...and I prefer the S&W K frames...a model 19 or 66...essentially the same gun ( 19's are blued or nickel) -- 66's are all stainless - both are .357 mag / and that's what I carry them with ( 158 gr HydraShok when I carry one of them).

    When I carry one of my 4" K frames...its in a Kramer Leather IWB horsehide holster with a forward FBI tilt ....and I like it at about 4 O'Clock....too much stress on my shoulder to but it in the small of my back / and I'm not that flexible anymore / and its not comfortable.

    http://kramerleather.com/productDet...&model=19/66 4&CFID=19932625&CFTOKEN=81200464

    Kramers holsters are model specific ...( photo shows a 1911 ) ...but he makes them for a number of revolvers as well.
  11. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    First of all, I hope all the bad fuys I face in the future carry in the small of the back, as it gives me so many advantages.

    That being said, I do notice an increase in "shootability" with my 3.06" SP101, compared to my 2.25" SP101 snubbies. I plan to acquire a 4" SP101 in the future.

    I do shoot my 4" S&W Model 19 and 4" GP100 revolvers dramatically better than any of my SP101 revolvers, but that is going to have more to do with hand fit, to include a better trigger stroke position, than barrel length.
  12. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    I will add that my favored concealed-carry 4" revolver holster is the Milt Sparks PMK. The Sparks 200AW is also very good, but is more of a field holster, as the weapon is not as close to the body.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  13. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    If you want the power of a short er barrel 357mag revolver why not just buy a glock 357sig in the g32. Lighter , Higher capacity, smaller overall package and higher power level at 1400fps with a 124 gr bullet with ammo from BB . Hard to better with a 357mag and a 4" barrel and harder to conceal. Other wise a ruger sp101 with a 3 or 4 inch barrel. Atleast at 27oz empty
  14. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Take my advice. I went from everything mentioned here including a g32 to a gp100

    You're not going to believe this but the gun that made me quit carrying snubby revolvers is a scandium L frame with a 6" barrel and full sized round butt grips

    Yes you heard right a 6" barreled 7 shot hunting revolver. That jjust so happens to weigh 27.5oz

    Take my advice, buy a scandium full sized Smith in the configuration of your preference and be done with it.

    The rugers were too heavy, the glocks were hard to conceal and the 357 has such bullet setback problems you couldn't afford to unload it to practice. Automatic guys don't understand this but even a big revolver has a shape that's much easily hidden and with the exclusion of the cylinder is only about half the width of a glock.

    I carry this gun in a hi ride pancake of unknown origin at 2:30 I'm a tall guy and with proper shirts this gun carries invisibility. Unlike the gp100 (I had prior to this) its light enough I can forget its weight.


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  15. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    BB may make good ammo but they cannot work magic that will turn 357 sig into a REAL 357 mag load. Remington sjhp clocks 1550 from the revolver pictured above. A gun that doesn't EAT super expensive carry loads without actually getting to shoot them

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  16. savit260

    savit260 Well-Known Member

    A 4" mid frame revolver is a breeze to carry provided that you have a really good holster, and a very sturdy belt.

    A high quality ( I prefer IWB @ about the 3 o'clock position) holster will hold the grip of the revolver tight to your body. The grip is the hardest part to conceal on ANY gun. A GOOD (not a dept. store special) BELT is as important as a good holster.

    Myself... I use Simply Rugged holsters, and find them to work very well.

    Once you move away from pocket carry to belt carry... you have a TON of options open to you. You can actually carry something a good bit larger with relative ease.
  17. MedWheeler

    MedWheeler Well-Known Member

    I don't carry it regularly, but I do carry at times my Ruger Police Service Six in an IWB-holster that is worn between the belt and pants. It requires the concealing garment that OWB-carry would, but rides as a slimmer profile than true OWB-carry, with the belt smoothing over the profile some.
    It's loaded with .38 Special +P ammunition.
  18. 357gunshot

    357gunshot New Member

    That's a lot of good info. My concern that a 4" revolver would be to lagre to conceal is greatly diminised. So to nut shell what I'm hearing, rvolver w/4" barrel, good quality holster that rides high witha tilt, @4 o'clock. That should be a good start?
  19. brnmw

    brnmw Well-Known Member

    You may already know this but a .357 Mag. revolver on avg. is going to be a bulky frame especially if you do not want a snubbie. A co-worker of mine who shoots all the time sold his .357 Mag. 3" revolver due to the recoil issue and heavy weight it had. I know you said you do not want a snubbie but what about a smaller framed lighter weight .38 Spl. that is +P rated... just something to think about.
  20. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    Personally, over the last 35+ years I have owned and shot both the .357 and .38 Special. Of the two calibers, I like the .38 best all around. My current EDC is an S&W Model 36-1. As far as size and portability, this has been one of the best small revolvers I have owned. The three inch heavy barrel makes it very comfortable to shoot.

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