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Reloading brass

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Madcap_Magician, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Madcap_Magician

    Madcap_Magician Well-Known Member

    How many times can you reload brass safely?
  2. edelbrock

    edelbrock Well-Known Member

    Depends on the caliber, pressure, and other variables. Some brass is better than others.
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    It depends greatly on many variables.

    Light .38 Special, probably 20 or more.

    Max load rifle cartridges in a Lee-Enfield with loose headspace.
    Once might be one too many.

  4. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    Until it has visible signs of being unsafe to use:

    1. mouth splits in straight cases
    2. neck splits in bottleneck cases
    3. shoulder splits in bottleneck cases
    4. incipient head separations
    5. loose primer pockets
    6. excessive bulging

    As long as it looks like any other fired case, you can keep using it.
  5. Madcap_Magician

    Madcap_Magician Well-Known Member

    Thanks gentlemen... I was just wondering because I have about 200 rds of American Eagle brass to be sending to Mastercast (I have never done that before) and all I can find as far as ammo to buy now is aluminum Blazer, so that 200 rounds might have to last me a while. It is .38 Special, though.
  6. edelbrock

    edelbrock Well-Known Member

    You should be able to get many reloads out of the brass if it is .38 Special.
  7. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    Aluminium is not reloadable... from what i hear most is bedran primed in any case.
  8. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ that alu. is not reloadable.
    Two summers ago I made an experiment using boxer primed, CCI, alu cases. It is possible and it did work for the 4 consecutive reloadings of 5 cases till I ended the experiment. The loadings were in the mid range for powder charge. So, yes it is possible, recommended, NO, do so at your own risk.

    Regarding how long does brass last? Many many facters involved in this. Talked today to one of my benchrest shooting friends. He has 5 cases with 1,500 confermed reloads in each one. cal is 6 BR, each case is bumped every 30 reloadings, normal charge is 33 gr. of 135 V/V, with a 68 gr. bullet. This is with a custom built rifle, with a precision chamber. He did state they are now ready to be retired as the primer pocket is just starting to loosen.

    How many times can one reload brass, many many times.
  9. lgbloader

    lgbloader Well-Known Member

    You can reload pistol until it splits or you lose it.

    Rifle is another story. I have 30/30 Win brass that I have loaded 20 times and it is in the dirty bin awaiting another trip through the line.

    My big Magnum Caliber rifles... I have had 3-4 firings before and the cases are toast. That pisses me off but what can you do. I load Magnums and if I want a reduced load, I shoot a 308 WIN


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