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Reloading for Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by msta999, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. msta999

    msta999 Well-Known Member

    Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver, in 7.62 Nagant caliber
    Has anyone loaded for this revolver? I'm looking for load data and recomendations for bullets. I picked this thing up and want to load for it.

    Still looking for dies, brass, etc....
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  2. NuJudge

    NuJudge Well-Known Member

  3. jwr_747

    jwr_747 Well-Known Member

    this is a little beast to reload for.if you can afford factory loads,reloading them is the best way to get "proper brass".my reloading setup is the Lee die set,part of a 30 m1 carbine set,part of a 32-20 set,and some home made parts....jwr
  4. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    I load two things for the Nagant revolver.
    First is .32 S&W Long brass (which works fine in these but it will swell them a bit). I load a moderate (unpublished load) charge of fast powder and use the Lee 311-093-1R bullet cast from recycled range scrap in my six-cavity moulds, lubed with ALOX and unsized. These are good plinkers.

    I also load a Hornady #0 buckshot pellet (.320") in 32 Long brass with a charge of 800-X from my .25 acp load. These are accurate out to 20' and can almost be shot indoors without a backstop. Great gallery load! I seat the pellet all the way to the case mouth and it looks like a wadcutter with a domed top. The seater die sort of swages the pellet down to oblong a little to fit the 32 brass.

    I also am trying out the PPU nagant brass loaded with a Lapua 98-gr .314" lead wadcutter. For dies I'm using a Lee .30-carbine die set with a Lee .32 ACP seater/crimper adjusted all the way up. It works, but needs messing with.

    If you need brass, the PPU stuff is good, doesn't split often, and if people leave it at the range, you are lucky! I've got about 300 pcs of it freebie so far that way. Otherwise I would stick to .32 S&W Long/ .32 Colt New Police brass- but that's not much easier to find.
  5. Duckdog

    Duckdog Well-Known Member

    I use the Lee modified 32/20 dies with the seater that I "turned" down in a drill press. I use starline 32/20 brass with a Lee 90 GR SWC bullet that I cast, over 4 gr of Unique. This is a very accurate load and is at 980 FPS. I seat the bullet so that the end of it is just below the casemouth. You really wouldn't need to do that, as this willnot gas-seal, but I do it anyway... just because. The starline brass seemingly lasts forever. There is no leading with this load, as the bullet is .314 and I shoot it as cast, but there will be a small amount of leading on the forcing cone. I use Lee liquid alox on it to prevent the lead from adhering the the front of the cyliner and forcing cone. It just cleans right off.I find this to be a peasant caliber to reload for, once it is set up. Good Luck.

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