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Remington 11-48 Stock repair/refinish advice

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by cedjunior, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. cedjunior

    cedjunior New Member

    I've got an old 11-48 that was handed down to me, its in decent shape, but I'd like to restore it to a better condition. I don't need it to be prefect, because I do shoot it a lot and it wont be a safe queen in the least. Right now I'd like to concentrate my efforts on repairing and refinishing the stock and would like some advice. Thanks.


    This is the only dent in the stock that looks like it goes straight down into the wood. Fill it? Fill it with what? Ignore it?

    This gun had an old pachmayr recoil pad screwed on, slightly crooked I might add (the hole at the top seems to be off center and drilled after the fact through the recoil pad an the stock). I'm going to try and find another recoil pad to fit this gun. What to do about the screw holes for the recoil pad? They are stripped out. Should I fill them and drill new holes, or just use slightly bigger screws?

    Also on the forearm, who would I go about rebonding the wood back to the metal ring on the end there. Its still bonded pretty well except for those 2 ends.
  2. Jeff F

    Jeff F New Member

    You can try to raise the dent in the stock with a damp piece of cloth under a hot iron, try to steam it up some. The holes for the recoil pad can be filled by gluing in hard wood dowel pins cut flush after glue drys then re mount pad first drilling new pilot holes for screws. The forearm if still bonded fairly well I would probably use Gorilla Glue on. That stuff will expand and fill in pretty big gaps. After it has expanded and dried just grind or sand off excess.
  3. cedjunior

    cedjunior New Member

    Thanks for that advice. Any chance someone might know where to get a recoil pad? 4-1/16 x 1-11/16. Not an easy size to find, may have to go with one of those "grind to fit" pads.
  4. surfprog

    surfprog New Member

    On th same page

    I also have one that I'm restoring and wonderd if you can just order a new stock or at least the wood and then have it finished or even if they have a synthetic stock.

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