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Remington 1911 R1

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ole Humpback, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Ole Humpback

    Ole Humpback Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a brand new Remington 1911 R1. Its a great no frills gun. I field stripped it before firing and Remington did a great job on packaging it. All it takes to disassemble it is to turn the barrel bushing, remove the spring plug and the rest is cake. Getting it back together is a bit of a trick from handling the spring plug and bushing wrench in the same hand, but thats not a problem in and of itself.

    Put 50 rounds through it yesterday and aside from 3 problems feeding (this is most likely the magazine still getting broke in as the feed issue always happened with two rounds left in the mag, need to see if its just one mag or both of them) the gun shot very consistently. My shooting needs to improve a lot (I was having trouble shooting a 4" group at 5yds), but it was a lot of fun to shoot.

    I look forward to learning the ins and outs of this gun.
  2. KTXdm9

    KTXdm9 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your purchase. Pics are always nice. :)
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    There is a way to take down a 1911 and put it back together without any need to fight the recoil spring plug.

    Pull the slide back to the take-down notch, and push out the slide stop.

    Now wrap your hand around the slide and dust cover and slowly let the slide go foreward off the rail.
    While holding the compressed recoil spring in your fingers.

    Once the slide assembly is off, you can pluck out the recoil spring and guide.
    And have your way with the barrel bushing free of spring tension.

    You can put it back together the same way.

  4. YZ

    YZ member

    What ammo did you shoot?
  5. Ole Humpback

    Ole Humpback Well-Known Member

    Pics attached. It comes with two mags, Owners Manual, and a cable lock. Bear in mind this is the first time I've ever shot a 1911 and only the third time I've ever shot a handgun. Prior to that target, I could count on one hand the number of handguns and rounds I had shot out of them. So, before I say the gun has problems, I'll work on my handgun shooting skills.

    Recoil wasn't bad for me. The gun weighs 2.5lbs without a loaded mag and weighs nearly 3lbs with the mag in it. My BLR with scope & sling and 5rds of 257 Roberts comes in just under 7lbs. So its a weighty gun for certain.

    I will have to try this the next time I clean it, which should be after my trip to the range this weekend.

    Magtech 230gr FMC. Its $30 a box for 50rds compared to the $45 a box for 20rds of the Federal JHP Personal Protection ammo that I also have for it.

    The ammo fed just fine. The feed issue that I had was when the next to last round was being chambered, the last round in the mag was also trying to slide out and feed as well. Next time I shoot, I'm labeling the mags to see if it is a single mag that is the problem or if its just the mag springs breaking in.

    Other than that one hiccup, the gun worked perfectly. I'll figure I'll hold judgment and tweaks until after I've put about 200 more rounds through it.

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  6. BYJO4

    BYJO4 Well-Known Member

    Congrats and your groups will get better with practice.
  7. Ole Humpback

    Ole Humpback Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I was very happy with myself that I was able to at least shoot consistently and not wander all over the place on every shot.
  8. YZ

    YZ member

    Nothing wrong with that ammo usually. Could be indeed a new magazine that needed a little stretch exercise. I also own an R1 and shoot it for sports. No problems. It is every bit as good to me as the Colt Gold Cup was.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  9. TennJed

    TennJed Well-Known Member

    love, put some buffalo horn grips on and must say it is purty. Shoots great to boot

  10. mjsdwash

    mjsdwash Well-Known Member

    switch to gi mags. problems go away
  11. JohnSkiS

    JohnSkiS Member

    First, congrats on the new purchase. Second, I have had a Remington 1911r1 since pretty close to when they came out, and I also had an issue similar to yours near the end of the magazines. And, not that it's any help, but maybe it's a little hope. My springs wore in a little and the problem DID disappear, so yeah. Congrats again. It's a nice pistol for the price especially.
  12. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of surprised to see you need a bushing wrench for the R1.
  13. davers

    davers Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Nice handgun...I just bought the Enhanced version a few weeks ago...the bushing is tight on mine as well. So far as your shooting, if I were the bad guy, every one of those shots would have put me down for good!!! :)

  14. YZ

    YZ member

    No shame in using a bushing wrench. So the manual says. I bet you'll be using your thumb before the end of the year.
  15. William51962

    William51962 Member

    Thanks for your instructions on R1 1911 take down. I just purchased a R1 and am about to break it down for her intial cleaning. So excited to soon load her up and let her talk...
  16. Ole Humpback

    Ole Humpback Well-Known Member

    Thats what I was thinking. And besides, its not like practicing alot is a bad thing. The gun gets broke in faster & I become a better shooter. Thats a win-win-win in my book!
  17. Lucky Derby

    Lucky Derby Well-Known Member

    Congrats. Nice pistol.
  18. hgte2001

    hgte2001 Active Member


    First of all lots of good field striping instructions for the 1911 published out there. Follow the ones in your literature as it is laid out for you.

    No issues on magazines for me. Over 500 rounds no jams of any sort.

    Group at 5 yards was less than 2" and I easily held a 3" group at 25 yards.

    The guns are tight and my two shooting buddies who have them also reported very good accuracy.
  19. VetPsychWars

    VetPsychWars Well-Known Member

    All of the Remington 1911's have a fitted bushing, so they all take a wrench to get it out, at least at first. Perhaps mine will wear in eventually so that I don't need it.

  20. Ole Humpback

    Ole Humpback Well-Known Member


    Would I be able to reproduce my "end of mag" feed issue by manually cycling (ie I rack the slide myself) live ammo through the gun or is that too slow for the issue to show up?

    Also, would this reveal FTF issues with different types of ammo?

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