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Remington 597 17 hmr recall petition

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by devildog83, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. devildog83

    devildog83 Member

  2. devildog83

    devildog83 Member

    Thanks to all that have participated so far. Remington will soon know how it's former customers feel about being drug through the mud!
  3. 52grain

    52grain Well-Known Member

    That's pretty bad.
  4. devildog83

    devildog83 Member

    I sent the Better Business Bureau a complaint about the way Remington Arms was handling this issue. The BBB has some great pull in matters like this and I believe whole heartedly that if we stick together and let the BBB know about this Remington will get the message loud and clear. I have attached the info that I sent Remington arms:

    Remington Arms Company, Inc.


    Mr. John Loschin

    P.O. Box 700
    Madison, NC 27025

    336 548-8700

    336 548-7801


    I own a Remington model 597 .17 HMR rifle. I paid $587 for my rifle which was MSRP. Remington has just issued a recall on this model rifle in the .17 HMR caliber. The recall states that the rifle is unsafe to fire. Remington is blaming the safety issue on the ammunition. If the ammunition was the problem then it would be recalled as would other rifles built by other companies. However; Remington issued to only recall. The are offering $200 or $250 (depending on the model) voucher on a Remington products to return the rifle on recall back to Remington. This is insufficient compensation as I paid almost $600 for this rifle 2 years ago. This is an issue that will cause many Remington customers to lose confidence in the Remington brand. The $200 or $250 voucher for the rifle is a slap in the face. This is obviously a problem with the rifle and Remington is not owning up to it. I would have been very happy with Remington offering to swap the rifle in question with another gun of equal value. I have called Remington many times and cannot get any help so I am turning to the BBB. I hope you can help. Thanks

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