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Remington 700 accessories

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by porscheboy, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. porscheboy

    porscheboy Well-Known Member

    What kind of accessories and add ons should I be looking at for a new Remington 700 SPS in .270 ? Bipod, scope caps, etc.??
  2. Lovesbeer99

    Lovesbeer99 Well-Known Member

    What will you use it for?
  3. porscheboy

    porscheboy Well-Known Member

    Mainly target and plinking but this fall i will take it hunting (bear, whitetail, mule, antelope)
  4. nastynatesfish

    nastynatesfish Well-Known Member

    Get a decent bi pod, one that is tall enough to shoot of of sitting or a set of shooting sticks. I have the sps in 7mm. I put a 6-9" bi pod for shooting prone. I also ordered another barrel for it to replace but won't have it till december
  5. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    Ditch the bipod. Use a rest on a bench, and use shooting sticks or your pack in the field. Bipods have a tendency to bounce on a bench, and in the field shooting off your pack works great unless you need to get up high, in which case the bipod is useless, and you'll need to use the sticks, anyway. You'll get tired of lugging around the bipod.

    The Butler Creek scope caps are fine, but they break somewhat easily. But they're cheap, so it's not too bad.
  6. fireman 9731

    fireman 9731 Well-Known Member

  7. Lovesbeer99

    Lovesbeer99 Well-Known Member

    For plinking, get a spotting scope, bipod for bench /prone, and learn to reload.

    I don't hunt, so I can't offer too much, but I'd suggest a sling.
  8. PandaBearBG

    PandaBearBG Well-Known Member

    Depending on the of hunting (sitting in a blind or stand, or long trekking) get scope caps, butler creek are pretty much available everywhere, although I've been trying to find Weaver Polar Scope Caps because they transition to yellow tint see thru for low light shooting. And a solid sling for your use, maybe a biathalon sling for long hikes, or a traditional leather sling for "slinging up" standing shots. I'd suggest a cheek rest, maybe a Karstan kydex one or the ever popular duct tape and foam so you can get a proper cheek weld. my 2cents

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