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Remington 700 SPS Tactical to buy or not to buy

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Wildyams, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Wildyams

    Wildyams Well-Known Member

    The other day I was at a gun shop and got my hands on a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in 308. 20" barrel hogue overmold stock.

    It felt amazing in my hands. Soon after I looked at the rifle I started looking at scopes, I really liked the Leupold VX-II 6-18x40 (I think thats what it was)

    Anyone have any experience with this gun or scope? Is this a good combination?

    What I would use it for- Mainly target shooting. My range set up now is only about 100 yards, but there are other places on my property where I can easily get to about 400 yards. There is even a possibility at something close to 800+ yards, but I'd have to talk to the neighbors about that one haha.

    I'm also looking at getting into hunting in the future.

    I know a 308 is overkill for 100 yards. Would this rifle be good out to 400? how about 800? is an 18 power scope powerful enough for those ranges?

    A couple people told me that remington is discontinuing this gun, is there a reason behind that? Is it worth the $550 price tag

    Thanks for any help or input you have
  2. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett Well-Known Member

    Here's some info on the 308:


    Should accomplish what you're looking to do.

    My only other suggestion would be the 30-06. Though I like the 308 better, if you want go for distances past 800 yards, I'd pick the 30-06.

    I'm happy with 308's capabilities, but some aren't. It is a trade off. 308 = consistent/reliable/predictable results and more ammo choices. 30-06 = longer ranges.

    Here's the info on the 30-06:

    Personally, I like the 308. I have a Savage 10FCP and it will do sub-MOA with ease.

    I plan to get a 30-06 at some point so I can do some longer distances (might get something else...still not sure), but I'm in no rush.
  3. Wildyams

    Wildyams Well-Known Member

    The really long range would just be an every now and then thing. I thought I read on another forum someone saying 'whats the point in getting a 308 if you don't have it set up to shoot 1000 yards?'

    but that might just be proving why I come here to get my questions answered :)
  4. M1key

    M1key Well-Known Member

  5. Wildyams

    Wildyams Well-Known Member

    I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to rifles.. Would the recoil on this gun be any worse than a standard Remington SPS in a 308 or 30-06 with a 24" barrel?

    It still weighs 7.5 pounds compared to the 7.25 of the standard SPS
  6. M1key

    M1key Well-Known Member

    Yes. A Limb Saver recoil pad will help though. Heavier firearms tend to absorb felt recoil better.

    My Rem 40x in 308 heavy barrel...I can shoot all afternoon. The VSSF in same caliber...nope.
  7. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member


    A 9 lb. rifle (10 with a bipod) shooting .308?

    Yes, with a big scope and target rings, it's a 9 lb. rifle.

    My newest .30-06 weighs 7.5 lbs. total and it's not a problem with the decent pad that came with it, and the hunting loads I use with it are hotter than .308 by a good margin. Those Hogue stocks, while heavy, do come with a thick, soft pad AFAIK.

    Don't get me wrong, for all-day target shooting, heavy is good. But this rifle isn't going to be all that light.
  8. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    Pay attention, this is how it's done!

    That's what I was thinking...either get a rifle rigged to hunt with or one set up for target. So many have tried the hybrid only to their disappointment.

    The first time you lug that boat anchor to the tree stand and back, you'll be cussin' lol hehehehe

    Target...Savage 12 Series, 10 Series.

    Hunting..... If you like the SPS, then by all means... but if it turns out to be a turd, somebody mentioned it beforehand!

    In any event, the SPS-T with scope, mounts, so on, will weigh in at or above the 9LB mark... the 308 shot out of a 9+ pound rifle is a big ol' pussycat!

    So. I wouldn't be real concerned with recoil.
  9. uh-oh

    uh-oh Well-Known Member

    It's a decent gun for a production piece. Be prepared to do some trigger work and maybe some action work if you want to walk it for real. Add in some handloading. Sure, store-bought will make a nice pattern at 750-900 yards, but you need to roll your own if you want groups. And lots of trigger time, because perfect practice makes perfect. 42.5 gr. Reloder 15, lapua brass, fed match primers, 175 gr. SMK at 2.750 " COAL. You might have to tweak yours if that doesn't work in yours, but it's a sweetheart load in mine.

    Recoil. If you want a bench gun, get a longer version and fill the stock with shot/epoxy so it tips the scale about 11-12 pounds with the scope, rings, and bipod. Otherwise, the gun is relatively heavy for its size and the built-in recoil pad is pretty good at mitigating felt recoil.

    If you want something that 's just a bit longer than a scout-type rifle as your go-to/ SHTF/ whatever grab-it-and-go rifle, it's a great choice.
  10. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    The effective range of the .308 is more a matter of the bullet you use and the velocity you obtain with it. The most popular bullets used in LR shooting are the 155gr Lapua Scenar and the Sierra 175gr MatchKing. While you would be giving up some velocity with your short 20" barrel, there is no reason why with judicious reloading, you could not shoot out to 1,000 yards, BUT don't plan on doing this with factory ammo. An 18 power scope is plenty powerful enough. With my 6-24X scope at 1,000 yards, I typically turn it down to 18X to dial out mirage somewhat.

  11. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    Factory ammo will easily shoot to 1000 yards. It just won't hit anything all that predictably.:D
  12. Lightsped

    Lightsped Well-Known Member

    This gun is being discontinued? This is the first I have heard....
  13. ochadd

    ochadd Well-Known Member

    I have a SPS tactical in .223 and it's my favorite right now. Had for a couple prairie dog hunts and lots of target work. Most likely in the 2000 round range. Mine goes sub MOA every time out at 200-250 with hand loads. No work had been done to it.

    The feel of the stock really won me over. The tacky feel is great.
  14. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    It's probably being replaced by the SPS II Tactical, with a 20.25" barrel. Or maybe the SPS Tacticool, for $50 more, but with a crappy stock that Remington can source for $50 less.:D
  15. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    I have a M700 Tactical in .308, with a Millett 6-24. It groups awesome. It was my selected deer rifle for this year, and yes, shots could have reached 500 yards. Unfortunately, I got skunked and only saw two doe on the neighbor's property. Great rifle. Leupold scopes?! Top shelf quality.


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