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remington 700 sps vs tikka t3 or ruger 77?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Muzzlelover, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Muzzlelover

    Muzzlelover Well-Known Member

    I HAVE HAD IT WITH MY 270 it keeps on not wanting to feed,so I'm going to trade it on a 308 but I can't decide on which rifle,I want it to be reliable and accurate.which would you choose?thanks.
  2. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Which brand is giving you trouble?

    In my experience Winchester is building the best USA made rifle right now. I like either the Extreme Weather in stainless or the Featherweight if you want blue/walnut. Winchester is the best combination of both reliable and accurate.

    Of the 3 you are considering I think the Ruger is the most dependable and rugged. The Remington or Tikka will likely be very slightly more accurate. Just depends on which is more important to you.
  3. sansone

    sansone Well-Known Member

    of the 3 you mentioned, tikka, but not by a big margin :p
  4. Revoliver

    Revoliver Well-Known Member

    I was in a similar situation a week and a half ago and decided to go with the Ruger M77 Hawkeye Tactical in .308. The reasoning was that I like Ruger's bolt more, it has a 1:10 twist rate and it also has two studs up front.

    I will be picking it up today from my FFL dealer.
  5. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    Whats the purpose of the rifle? For target shooting the Remington is the better one because of the huge aftermarket for them.

    If they are hunting rifles I would personally go Ruger>Tikka>Remington. Mostly in that order because the SPS Remington's come in horrible stocks.
  6. 45crittergitter

    45crittergitter Well-Known Member

  7. crews1516

    crews1516 Member

    Tikka could not be happier with mine.
  8. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    I am also on the Tikka boat.
  9. NWcityguy2

    NWcityguy2 Well-Known Member

    I was helping a co-worker shop for a 308 and had a chance to handle a 700 ADL, which isn't that different than the SPS. I thought it was very rough around the edges rifle for $380, let alone what an SPS costs. They wouldn't let me dry fire it so I can't comment on the trigger. I'm sure a deer or a target won't care what the gun feels/looks like but compared to other guns it didn't impress. It's not like it is that hard to find sub-moa guns there days anyway. My co-workers Savage is, and my Howa is pretty close too.

    Of the three, I thought the Tikka was a sweet little rifle.
  10. Kachok

    Kachok Well-Known Member

    I have owned more rifles then I care to count from nearly every major manufacturer, and my Tikka T3 Stainless (6.5x55) is without a doubt the best I have ever owned. Feather weight (6 1/4lbs) smootest action in the buisness (by far) the perfect crisp creepless trigger (set to 2lbs) and just plain DEADLY accurate with dang near every load I shoot through it! I love mine, the only rifle I own that gives it a run for it's money is my Winchester 70 Featherweight only because it feels better in my hands, that is mainly because I love checkered Walnut stocks and Mauser style actions :)
  11. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Whoa there muzzlelover, what exactly do ya mean by the 700 failing to feed? I've got a 700 BDL Custom Deluxe, in the .270 and I've taken more deer with it than I can count, both Whitetail and Muleys, not to mention a few elk. Never had I had a problem with it feeding and it mostly shot reloaded ammo. Please explain.:confused:
  12. Kachok

    Kachok Well-Known Member

    New Remingtons (post Apr 07 when they sold their soul to the devil) are sub par, my co-worker is having the exact same issue with his 700 SPS.
  13. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    Of the three, the Tikka is by far the highest quality - most consistently accurate, best fit, etc.
  14. NWcityguy2

    NWcityguy2 Well-Known Member

    I didn't see him say that his 270 was a Remington.
  15. sleepyone

    sleepyone Well-Known Member

    I had a .308 Tikka in stainless and composite. Great rifle. Action is glass smooth. Extremely accurate. Had a Ruger 77 in .270 and .243. Both shot well. Rugers are tough as nails, but IMHO the wood is a step up from a broomstick. Nothing like the wood on the Ruger .270 I had about 12 years ago. Wish I still had it.

    That being said, I sold them all and went to the new FN Winchesters and have not regretted it one bit.
  16. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    NWcityguy2, note the title of the thread "Remington vs. Tikka":D
  17. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    NWcityguy2, note the title of the thread "Remington vs. Tikka":D Also I was unaware that Remington sold out, really sorry to hear that, I know they used to sell there bolt action rifles to the USMC for sniper rifles during Vietnam.:(
  18. Water-Man

    Water-Man Well-Known Member

    Tikka T3 Lite or Hunter.
  19. KDS

    KDS Well-Known Member

    I bought the Tikka and couldn't be happier. Smoothest action I have ever felt for the price.
  20. PedalBiker

    PedalBiker Well-Known Member

    I've really tried to like the Tikka given how people love them. I've fondled them in the store often enough.

    I really like the Rugers except that they tend to be less accurate. Fortunately I'm not a top notch shooter and my Ruger is good enough for me (~1.5" with most hunting power loads). I like the Ruger safety (Winchester is better) and the Mauster style action (Winchesters are better).

    I have an older Remington I inherited and I really like it. It's accurate and reliable. It's a BDL. The new ones in the store do not show nearly such nice fit and finish although the CDL are close.

    I'd recommend the Ruger or the Tikka. The Ruger will be durable and easier to repair (although Ruger hoards spare parts). The Tikka will most likely be lighter and more accurate.

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