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Remington 750 .308 questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by wrs840, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. wrs840

    wrs840 Well-Known Member

    Hi folks, I searched and found some opinions, but still have some specific questions regarding the Remington 750...

    I ran into a Remington 750 in .308 (with wood stock) in a pawnshop today. It looks new, supposedly sold or traded by someone that said he "won it in a raffle".

    I've done enough interweb searching to understand that Remington auto rifles historically have a web-reputation as ammo-sensitive jam-o-matics. I'm a good customer of the shop that has it though, and they would give me my money back if I bought it, took it to the range (within a few days), and was dissatisfied. I'd shoot 40 or 60 rounds of factory ammo through it to see how it goes. I'd rather have a M1A (if I could find one), but I could get this Remington 750 for significantly less than half the price. I'm not much of a hunter, I'd just like to have a .308 auto.

    Two questions:

    Do any of you folks have first-hand experience to share on whether the Remington 750, specifically in .308 is a reliable feeder?

    Are quality, functional, aftermarket 10-round mags in .308 available to fit the Remington 750 or not?

  2. otrman

    otrman Well-Known Member

    If you are expecting it to preform like a main battle rifle, you will be disappointed. It is a hunting rifle, nothing more nothing less. They are not a fan of getting hot and must be kept really, I mean really clean. Most all of the jam-o-matic problems usually come back to someone trying to use it like an MBR. Getting it way too hot trying to use 10 rd. mags( never seen any that are reliable). If a M1A is out of reach look at FAL, Saiga, or Cetme. Or for that matter seen DPMS AR-10's at gun show last weekend for 1200.00 right next to new Springfield M1A for 2600.00.
  3. wrs840

    wrs840 Well-Known Member

    Thanks otrman. I guess I'm looking for a more classic (non-black AW) styling, but the expectation would be that it could function at a battle rifle level of reliability. You've given me good things to consider. I should probably just wait for an M1A. Anyway, I'm going to pass on the 750.


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