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Remington Premier Core Lokt Ultra sabot problems

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by djpullen, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. djpullen

    djpullen member

    Today, I went to zero my new Rossi slug gun and I spent over $50 on 4 boxes of Remington premier Core Lokt Ultra sabot slugs. They seemed to be all over the place at 50 yards and I had 2 out of the 17 I tried to shoot misfire. I checked the primer and they had a dimple in them although they were kind of small. I compared one of the misfired slugs to one of the fired slugs and I noticed that the primer seemed to sit deeper in the misfired one. I looked at the end of the shell from the side and could see the primer in the spent shell but not the other. Has anyone else had quality problems with these sagbots? I'm about positive that I will switch to Winchester partition golds or Hornady ssts after this. I just know that if I stayed with the remintons, I'd get a thirty point buck 20 foot away and get the dreaded click.
  2. ryan56507@msn.com

    ryan56507@msn.com Well-Known Member

    The dimple on the primer isnt the primer misfireing, its your pin being either weak or not working correctly.

    Try using a choke for better patterning, I hear Mod. works well for sabots.

    Good luck with that thirty point buck
  3. kudu

    kudu Well-Known Member

    Let's confirm, you have a Rossi rifled slug gun. It does not like Remington Core Lokt Ultra sabot slugs. Many guns don't like a particular brand or brands and won't shoot well out of a particular gun. You buy an assortment of different brands and types of sabots to test with and buy a bunch of the type your gun likes (same lot number). About the only slug my gun likes is Remington Copper Solids, 3" groups at 100 yards. I haven't tried some of the new offerings out there, as I still have about 10 boxes of the original lot in storage from 10 years ago.

    It does sound as if your gun has a weak firing pin mark, or the primers are set too deep in those particular shells.
  4. djpullen

    djpullen member

    Yes, it is a Rossi slug gun with a rifled barrel. I'll pick up a box of partition golds and a box of Hornady ssts this weekend and try them out. That thing kicks like a mule. I put 15 rounds through it in the span of 30 minutes or so. By the last round, I didn't even want to shoot it. The barrel is ported so I couldn't imagine what it would be like if it wasn't.

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