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Remington Small pistol primers, anyone use them?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Rule3, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Rule3

    Rule3 Well-Known Member

    I have used Win, CCI and Wolf Small PP. Never tried Remington. A few places have them in stock and just wondered how they compare to other primers. I do not have any guns with real light actions so I do not need soft Federal type primers. The Win and CCI have always worked. The Win are a little easier to insert. Do not know if the newer CCI are softer?
    I can't find Win SPP anywhere on line.
  2. mongoose33

    mongoose33 Well-Known Member

    I've used them, they're fine. I'd buy 'em again. It's all about what's available and at what price.
  3. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    Rems are in between cci & win on the hardness in my exp.
  4. docsleepy

    docsleepy Well-Known Member

    been using them for 6 months, no failures in maybe 1200 primers.
  5. ranger335v

    ranger335v Well-Known Member

    "Remington Small pistol primers, anyone use them?"

  6. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

  7. alfack

    alfack Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever had a failure with any brand of primer? I'm curious, because I have used several different brands and never had one fail.
  8. ir3e971

    ir3e971 Well-Known Member


    You Asked,
    "Has anyone ever had a failure with any brand of primer? I'm curious, because I have used several different brands and never had one fail."

    Yes I have. Wolf Small Pistol. I had numerous failures to fire with these. There is a known problem with these, and there is a current thread about this. "Problems with Wolf SPP lot #18-09, lack of concern from Wolf" is the thread.

    It is because they changed their production, and the new primer cups are to hard, I guess. Initially I thought is was a mechanical problem, and I took a number of steps to try to address it. (new springs, etc)

    It was only with revolvers, they worked ok in semi-autos. However, I would not recommend them because of this.

    Other than that, no failures of any other primers.
  9. alfack

    alfack Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I admit I have never tried Wolf primers before, never have seen them at the gun shops I frequent. Probly a good thing. I think I will avoid them. I hate it when you spend time diagnosing possible mechanical problems and it ends up being something else.

    Good to know.
  10. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I have used CCI, Winchester, Federal, Remington, Magtech, PMC and Wolf primers and have never had a primer fail. The Wolf primers were a little hard to seat though.

    I do prefer CCI and Winchester primers above all the rest.
  11. Ky Larry

    Ky Larry Well-Known Member

    alfack, in over 35 years of reloading, I've had a few FTFire's. Only had one bad batch of primers and it happened recently. I bought 300 CCI LR primers. Two trays were fine but one tray with a different lot # had about 25 FTF's and the loads shot vertical strings. I still use CCI primers. One bad tray is possible given the tens of millions they turn out every year. I'm not surprised by a bad primer every now and them. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.
  12. ranger335v

    ranger335v Well-Known Member

    In some 45 years of reloading I've had maybe a couple dozen FTFs. Think they were mostly my fault to properly seat 'em and some cast bullet experiments early on.

    Haven't had a FTF in more than 30 years now, lucky I suppose. But, my loading has been limited to CCI, Alcan, Winchester, Remington and Federal and several hundered surplus WW II small pistol caps from an unnamed military arsenal.
  13. TonyT

    TonyT Well-Known Member

    I have used Remington, Winchester and Federal primers for most of my life. Infrequently I have used CCI. They all have ignited. I have had only one ignition failure in 40+ years of relaoding and that primer cup did not have an anvil - the anvil must have droped out during the reloading process.
  14. Rule3

    Rule3 Well-Known Member

    I have never had a primer failure with Win and CCI primers. My first case of Wolf Large and Small pistol were also all good.

    This second case of Wolf SPP that I am now using, first sleeve I have had 3-4 failures in my SW 686. Never had a problem with that gun. Tried in a SW M 66 and the same. Some of them would not even fire after 2-3 strikes.

    Lot 18-09.

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