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Remington SPS or CZ 243

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by viking499, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    Been looking for another 243 since I lost mine to my wife. Narrowed it down to 2 at the local shop. One is a Remington SPS stainless 243 and the other is a CZ 243. Both can be had for the same money.

    Which would you all prefer and why? Experience or goods and bads from either?
  2. Sulaco

    Sulaco Well-Known Member

    The CZ is going to be a nicer rifle with a much better trigger. The fit, finish, everything should be nicer on the CZ. I wish I could afford one.
  3. dr0

    dr0 Active Member

    If your not going to modify it get the CZ.

    I have one of their 22's and it's a really nice gun. It's just silly that I paid about the same for a blued and walnut stocked CZ bolt gun as for my plastic and rustoleum Remington 597.

    If you want to replace stocks and things then the Remmy might be a better choice, as parts are more available.
  4. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member


    CZ, all the way. I've voted that way with my money & I'm a happy camper.

  5. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    CZ for a great, fancy rifle.

    Or for a practical knockaround rifle, this one if you like the Remington but want a similar action in a lighter gun with a better safety and a better stock, for a better price: http://www.legacysports.com/products/howa/howa_ranchland.html

    The Remington? Only if it's free.

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