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Remington's response on QA issues of late ...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Snakum, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    After already suffering thru two brand new 870s with issues earlier this year I got a little 'vocal' with a corp guy about my latest Remington fiasco. We talked for roughly ten minutes about my three new Rem products just this year and the problems with each, and we talked about the lack of real support, and we discussed Remington's reputation of late both on the internet and even among gunshop owners. Saturday afternoon a very well-known shop owner in NC - a high volume dealer - told me about ordering a Remington 7600 and a Tactical .308 or Sendero "I can order anything Remington makes, but you can't bring it back here when it doesn't work."

    The Rem corporate guy says they're aware of overall issues and recent perception and he even mentioned there has been a bit of a dust-up with Bass Pro concerning the quality of their product. I asked him to send an email or to call the director of QA in NY and point him here, or just have him Google "Remington" and "problem". If he actually does it and that isn't a wake-up call I don't know what is.

    Anyway, I'm not sending my latest Remington abortion back to the factory. I am calling back with the serial numbers and the CS "incident numbers" for my 870 issues back in the Summer and with the serial number of the 7600 with the 1/8" canted rear site (Hey! They're taking lessons from Century! :D ). But I'm not sending the gun back. I got four days to hunt and then it's over till next year. I may change my mind next week, though.

    I come from a family of Remington nuts. We own probably 30 or more Remington weapons all the way back to my grandpa's old pump 22. That's what we bought for hunting. Always. I have four new ones myself, all purchased this year, and two older Remmys. But never again. I'm done with them. Every company can have a bad day. Everyone goofs sooner or later. Even Browning can make a mess once in a while. But just a few minutes searching the internet or speaking with dealers about all the recent messes Remington has made ought to convince anyone that this isn't a company having a bad day. This is a trend. A bad one. And it seems to be getting worse. I myself am now 0 for 3 with Remington just this year.

    I've bought my last Remington product.
  2. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    I haven't fired the new 597 yet, so I may be 0 for 4 before the week is out.
  3. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    They say they know of the problems...and are in the process of correcting them....but then again, a call girl tells you what you want to hear too, as long as your spending money with her! lol heheheh

    Let's hope Remington straightens up, I would absolutely hate to see them sink!(any further)
  4. eastbank

    eastbank Well-Known Member

    i bought a 700sps left hand youth in 7mm08, it shoots ok but after you fire it, it is very very hard to open and its the same with out a shell in it(dry fired). remington said don,t worry it will smooth up, i said then why did my 700bdl in 3006 also a left hand model operate smoothly right out of the box? there was no good answer given. i will fix the problem and not be buying any more remingtons in the future and i have 11 remington rifles and shotguns. eastbank.
  5. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    This isn't a 'line rep'. He's a somebody in corp customer service. But still ... he's probably telling me only what I want to hear. LOL.

    And more good news, at least one other shop has found another 7600/750 with the rear sight offset. I called all the guys I regularly buy from to let them know about the possible issue, and sure enough ... at least one more on the wall right here in NC. The shop where purchased said they can't fix it because the new holes would be too close to the old ones and it would weaken the barrel in that area. Will have to send it back to Remington, of course. :rolleyes:

    Never again. Never again.
  6. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    I'm officially 0 for 4 with Remington for '09 and Rem CS won't take my calls.

    Tried the new 597 this morning and sure as shoot'n ... can't get thru an entire mag without an FTE or failure to strip a round off. Yes, I know I can take the mag apart and sand the springs and the inside channel and it will work. But just like my 870s, why should I have to work on every Remington I buy or send them all back to the factory just to make it work? Even better, the customer service contact I'd been working with on the 7600 issue no longer takes my calls. I get the old "Let me give you his voicemail." every time. So I left the serial numbers and CS incident numbers on all the problems this morning on his voicemail and I'm calling it done. In summation ...

    Myself and my family presently own 31 Remington products. Of the four I have purchased new this year, every one of them has been defective and I have yet to get any help at all from Remington.

    870 Talo: sixth round no-load issue; Rem CS took nine days to reply to a help desk request, and the reply was worthless; fixed it myself.

    870 Tactical: same sixth round no-load issue; fixed it myself and helped two others here with the same issue (improper chamfer angle/depth on the mag extension locks up the mag).

    597: won't feed reliably, wont strip reliably. Nothing at all back from Remington on it. I'll fix it myself just as always.

    7600: rear sight jigged .125" left of receiver/front sight centerline, won't sight in, runs out of windage travel. Gunsmith says he can't fix it because drilling new holes so close would weaken the barrel. Bought a $150 Nikon scope last night and forgot about using the irons (which was exactly why I bought the @#$% thing ... to use the iron sights.) Fixed it myself ... just like always. Word is that at least one dealer has found a 750 with the same issue. Likely a worn jig/fixture in NY has sent a bunch of them out the door and no one is catching it, despite the blurb in the manual stating that the rifles have been sighted in for 100 yards. No one sighted a @#$% thing. No one even looked at them now they have another mess.

    I'm done. No more whining about Remington. And no more new Remington products in my house. It's Mossberg, Savage, and Browning from now on.

    Thanks for letting me vent on all this week's Remington Horror Show threads. I really needed to. :)

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