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Remmy Sticky pin update

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Franco2shoot, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot New Member

    A couple weeks ago I asked for some advice on how to get the cylinder pin on my 1868 Uberti Remington to keep from sticking in the frame after a single cylinder loads firing. You guys were tremendous and I got plenty of suggestions. At one point I thought the thread was turning into a Julia Childes cooking suggestion.. Just so's newbies can keep up, I like to post updates so others can find out what works. Here's the test results:

    Could not locate Balisoil which someone highly recommended. Here in NOVA, the BP sales guys looked at me funny and said, "Huh". Crisco on the other hand was easy to come by, and the guy did have Bore Butter. I mixed up equal parts of Bore butter, Crisco, and just a little Canola, in an Altoids circular tin. This was applied liberally to the cylinder pin as well as the cylinder, with a little smeared front and back just for good measure.

    Got through 2 complete loads with only a little binding after the second. The cylinder pin came out by wiggling it in rotation a bit then just pulling towards the front. I fired another load, but did re-apply some of my lube mixture. At this point the 20 minute load cycle became unbearable so I switched to the R&D cylinder and went through a box of Cowboy ammo. I did experience one wrinkle with the R&D in that one of the firing pins in the back plate came loose. I had to tap it back into the threaded housing, and then screw this housing back down.

    All in all the BB+Crisco+Canola seemed to work well. Now if someone can just educate me on a quick way to install the percussion caps.

  2. sundance44s

    sundance44s New Member


    There is a way to make capping much easyer ... but ya need to be a kitchen table gun smith ..I used a dremel tool and 1/2 inch sanding drums .. take the nipples out and use the dremel to open up the fronts of the nipple channels ..into some what of a U shape ..then even a snail type capper will work that holds 100 caps ..a days worth of shooting .
    I can`t post a pic of the end results ..don`t have one ..there are guys on here that do .. maybe one will answer the call for help and post a pic for ya .
    With the channel opened up its even much faster cappng with bare fingers .
    Lucky for the first one i tried was an 1858 Pietta ..and i knew i could replace the cylinder for 34 bucks if i screwed it up ..after success with the Pietta i went on to my Uberti ,ASM and EuroArms remmies . a little cold blue and they look like a real professional did the work ...lol folks don`t know it was just a redneck with a dremel tool ..:D
  3. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot New Member


    Thanks for those tips.
    I'm pretty handy with my dremel, but you piqued my interest with the term "Snail type Capper" Whazz that?

    Ok, now on the nipple itself. I remove it and presume you are talking about the end that faces the hammer. Are you indicating I should round the top edges so it takes on an inverted "U" shape bevel instead of the [] sharp edge?

    As I watch my fumbling fingers, I think the problem of getting the cap on is more the size of my fat fingers versus the tiny little cap and trying to place the cap in a narrow hole or hollow alongside the pistol's frame, more so than the nipple shape. Also, I'm very cautious and press the cap down with the back of my little fingernail. I seem to have more difficulty with the 1860 Pietta Colt than the 1858 Uberti Remington.

  4. arcticap

    arcticap New Member

    Snail type capper:


    Attached Files:

  5. Wwalstrom

    Wwalstrom New Member

  6. Smokin_Gun

    Smokin_Gun New Member

    Cappers if you like usin' um.
    Brass Snail capper

    Brass inline capper

    At Dixie Gun Works http://www.dixiegunworks.com/advanced_search_result.php?s=1&keywords=capper

    I jus' find it faster to recap from the tin than to refill a capper. I like to know my caps are fully seated, and go off. Without a chain fire.
    They work great on rifles use un all the time. Bit not my preferance for revolvers.
  7. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot New Member


    The photo's were especially helpful... Multi thanks I see you opened up the area around the nipples, not the nipple itself.

    I went to Thompson's page, and saw the cappers they have, but it seems they are for #11 and I have been using #10 that come in a white small round tin. I don't have them in front of me but think they are CCI.

    Will have to take a spin through the local WalMart to see if I can find Remington Caps. Since I live just outside D.C. you can imagine that the hunting shops in this area cater to hunting 2 legged species. Its hard to find real outdoors stuff. You can't imagine the wierd looks I get when I ask if they stock any Black powder stuff.

    Again thanks for those most helpful pictures.

  8. sundance44s

    sundance44s New Member


    Franco2 .. i wish i had a picture to show ya of how it should look ... a guy in one of these forums sent me the pics. of his he had done ..so it made it alot easyer for me ..one pic is worth a thousand words when not haveing it might cause ya to mess up a good cylinder ..it may have been a guy on the CASS forum .. ya might ask there .
    That pic above of the brass snail capper is the one i use .. it`s nice to have 100 caps at your finger tips ...i do alot of shooting with my remmies ..at least once a week sometimes more ..and there is a way to make these guns a breeze to load and shoot , the cylinders are so easy to get out of my remmies i use a cylinder loading stand to load `em up and the capper to cap`em off .. and its quick ...it just doesn`t get any better that that ..
    I may have saved that pic .. i`ll look for it and if i find it .. i`ll try to put it on here for ya .
  9. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot New Member

    More data

    I was all set to spend the 20 or so bucks, but thought I would first drop a dime on Dixie Gun works since their catalogue had numerous models to choose from. For those following this thread be advised, that its gonna take some kichen' modification to make anything work..

    I asked if there was a difference in the models for #10 versus #11 and which model would fit both Colt and Remington. Here's their response:

    Dear Sir:
    Our gunsmith says there is no capper that will work with the Remingtons.
    The nipple is to enclosed for a capper to work properly.
    Thank you,

    Hmmmm.... I just need the thing to hold 20 or so caps, and I don't mind filing it down to get it to work, so what is the consensus? Which model should I order? I don't think that Plastic see through model will be modifiable, but I could be wrong.


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