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Replaced regular scope with red dot sight on Super Blackhawk (.44 Rem Mag) - WOW.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by btefft, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. btefft

    btefft Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    Replaced regular scope with red dot sight on Super Blackhawk (.44 Rem Mag) - WOW.

    As my title says, I replaced the scope that was on my old SBH (7.5 inch barrel, one of the earlier new models out to replace the old model) with a Millett Red Dot scope.

    What a difference! I visited my local gun shop and got on their range with my pistol bench rest. I was able to get the red dot zeroed easily, just sighted through the scope and then eye-balled it down the side of the barrel - I was able to see that the SBH was pointing low. I lowered the red dot and finally fired. I was in the black. After some more fine tuning I was hitting center circle on the black target. That was about 10 yards.

    At the end of my shooting session. I sent the target away to its most distant point (I'd guess about 50 yds) and, dang, put six out of six inside the black (5.5 inch) Shoot-N-See target. Three of the bullets hit so close that a single little black circular "repair" sticker could cover all three.

    I never did that good with the scope, wonder what made the difference? Anyway, I'm really amazed at how well my old SBH shoots.

    Oh, yeah, I fired only reloads I'd made. Some were true Magnum rounds (240 gr Hornady HP/XTP) and then some were light loads (200g Berry) I'd made. By light, I mean mightier than 44 Special, but weaker than 44 Rem Mag. All reloads were amazingly accurate, even the Berry bullets. Those light reloads really are fun to shoot.


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